July 28, 2021
Munis 101 is developed and delivered with the support of Alberta Municipal Affairs to help municipalities fulfil the Municipal Government Act requirement to provide orientation following the election.
  • Extension to the Canada–Alberta Early Learning and Child Care Agreement
  • $150 million investment to improve broadband in rural, remote, and Indigenous communities
  • Vaccine updates
AUMA is part of the Alberta Agricultural Plastics Recycling Group advocating for agricultural recycling in the province. Members passed a resolution in 2019 calling on the Province to establish more recycling programs, including agricultural plastics.

You have less than a month in which to nominate a municipal leader in your community for a 2021 AUMA Award! Award nominations must be submitted by August 13, 2021.

The Municipal Government Act imposes strict requirements upon a municipality seeking to borrow funds. A borrowing must be authorized by a bylaw, which in most cases must be advertised except for specific exceptions set out in the Act.
Funding program deadline approaching
We adjusted our Municipal Energy Manager program requirements so you can secure funding now and hire your energy manager in the new year.

Thirty-two municipalities of various sizes are benefiting from energy managers who are reducing energy use, emissions, and operating costs. Secure your funding through our easy application process and one-on-one support.

Sign the Funding Agreement by August 3, 2021. Then hire your energy manager any time before April 2022.