May 19, 2021
President Barry Morishita and Directors Andrew Knack and Cathy Heron will speak about something of importance to AUMA members with veteran reporter Ryan Jespersen on his podcast, Real Talk, on
May 26 at 9 a.m.
The Province recently modified the requirements in the Municipal Government Act for certain planning appeals to be heard by the Municipal Government Board.

Read about how the exemption benefits AUMA members.
AUMA’s Welcoming and Inclusive Communities initiative is seeking applications from municipalities to participate in a Community Readiness for Newcomer Integration project.

Learn more about the project and how your municipality can apply!

The Centre for Healthy Communities, in partnership with the Alberta Real Estate Foundation, is looking for engagement to help inform the development of a Toolkit for Healthy Communities. The Centre will be hosting sessions on June 7 and 10.

Learn more about the work FireSmart is doing to reduce the wildfire risk for communities in Alberta.

Following the 2016 wildfire in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, a number of recommendations were made to improve emergency planning in Alberta. One of these recommendations focussed on how to safely evacuate companion animals.
  • Legislature remains adjourned
  • MLAs removed from caucus
  • Spring Legislation Status

Read the full update here.

The computation of time under the Municipal Government Act affects matters ranging from council procedures, assessment and taxation, planning and development, and public participation, amongst other things.
Rural health providers are invaluable assets in their communities. The Rural Health Professions Action Plan (RhPAP) is celebrating Alberta Rural Health Week from May 24 to 28, 2021. It's a great time to honour the contributions of the health-care providers and community volunteers who help keep health care accessible to rural Albertans. Click here to learn more.
The Society To Prevent Dutch Elm Disease (STOPDED) is alerting municipalities to another invasive tree pest to watch for while looking out for Dutch Elm Disease (DED) this summer. Elm Zigzag Sawfly is native to Asia and was found in Quebec elm trees in 2020. So far, this invasive species has not been detected in Alberta. It can cause severe defoliation of elm trees, leading to cascading impacts on forest ecology. Please call the STOPDED Hotline at 1-877-837-ELMS if you think you see Elm Zigzag Sawfly or DED.
Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) is seeking input from stakeholders on the second draft of the Code of Practice for Composting Facilities and Acceptable Feedstock. AEP concluded the first round of engagement in September 2020. The second round will allow stakeholders another opportunity to provide input into the revised Code. The ministry expects to complete updating the Code of Practice by Summer 2021. The submission deadline is Friday, May 28, 2021.
The Government of Canada has announced an amendment to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 to add “plastic manufactured items” to Schedule 1. The amendment is part of Canada’s policy to ban single-use plastics and reach Canada’s Zero Plastic Waste goal. For more information about what plastic items have been added and the amendment, please visit Canada Gazette, Part 2.
Lead the electric vehicle transition.
With the Electric Vehicles for Municipalities Program and federal rebates, municipalities can purchase electric vehicles for the same price, on average, as new internal combustion engine vehicles; yet save thousands on fuel and maintenance costs over the life of the vehicle. Funding is limited, so apply today.

Compare the costs of gasoline-powered passenger vehicles with electric vehicles using our new resource, the Electric Vehicle Savings Calculator.