December 5, 2019
With two more years of MSI remaining, AUMA requested that Municipal Affairs release the future estimated MSI allocations so that municipalities could have a reasonable understanding of their infrastructure funding. We are pleased to announce that Municipal Affairs has acted on our request.
Brock Carlton, CEO of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), announced this week that he will not seek to renew his contract as CEO of FCM when it expires on July 31, 2020.

AUMA will work with our members to acknowledge Brock this spring, closer to his contract end date.
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We are thrilled to announce that AUMA has been chosen as the winner of the “iv3 Solutions Award for Excellence in Risk Management” award in the fourth annual Insurance Business Canada Awards.
Risk is often considered to be what could go wrong – and for AUMA members, that means any potential event that could affect the achievement of municipal objectives. 
A new, free toolkit can help municipalities catalogue their natural infrastructure and develop a prioritized plan for better using it to mitigate flood and drought risk. Working With Nature (WWN), created by the Miistakis Institute, provides the materials and directions for a municipality to self-navigate through workshops, worksheets, and more. Register for their December 5 webinar for further details. 

One fish, two fish, red fish, goldfish? Dr. Seuss was on the right track with all his crazy fish descriptions, but he forgot to mention one: goldfish. This invasive species grows to monstrous proportions and is responsible for environmental contortions. So if your fish is sick and needs to be replaced, the first option should always be to throw it in the waste. Don’t flush or dump that little guy because they will surely multiply! Learn more about Alberta’s Aquatic Invasive Species Program here , and if goldfish are what you’re after, make sure to dive into their video

Anna Koop, Senior Scientific Advisor at Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii), will present at ACCPA 2020 on artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict and prevent crime in rural and urban communities. Visit the Alberta Crime Prevention website for more information.
Apply for the Municipal Energy Champions Program by December 20

This program supports municipalities by providing free one-on-one support to a staff member looking to improve municipal operations through energy management. Apply for the Municipal Energy Champions Program by December 20, 2019.

People can travel further, reduce costs, and lower greenhouse gas emissions with electric vehicles. The Action Centre is putting five common myths about electric vehicles in Alberta to rest. Visit the blog to read more.
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