March 10, 2021
  • Session resumes
  • MLAs to discuss department estimates
  • Spring 2021 Legislation Status

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The ACIPN is a peer-led, peer-driven support network of public safety personnel. The peer support program reduces the stigma associated with psychological injuries and AUMA is proud to extend its support.
The deadline for completion of Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks is April 1. Check out these tips and trends for your submission, and find supports if you need assistance with the ICF process.

If a municipality wishes to pass a bylaw to make certain types of exempt properties taxable, the municipality has discretion to determine the extent to which those properties will be liable to pay taxes.
See how AUMA's Cyber Security Services can strengthen your understanding of risks, provide protection, and support your recovery & response
AMSC Insurance Services clients are invited to join us for a 60-minute discussion on Thursday, March 18 at 11 a.m. We will discuss the 2021 insurance renewal, program changes, and ways you might reduce your claims expenses.
On March 18, Municipal Affairs is providing a webinar for Regional Services Commission (RSC) board members and administration to review recent legislative changes and outline the recommended next steps. In addition to key legislative changes for RSCs, the webinar will address governance and financial implications and provide a summary of the bylaws that are required. To register, click here.
Size doesn’t matter with solar
Building a vibrant, healthy community that is economically successful is every municipality’s goal. Installing solar PV on municipal buildings and land will help reduce operational costs, demonstrate environmental leadership, and create a brighter future for constituents.
“Carmangay is fortunate to be able to leverage the Alberta Municipal Solar Program grant to make our village greener and a viable destination for new business.” - Stacey Hovde, Mayor, Village of Carmangay

See how the Village of Carmangay is creating a sustainable community with the help of the Alberta Municipal Solar Program.