December 9, 2020
The Province is continuing its review of Alberta’s Police Act, and has launched a public survey. AUMA encourages its members to share their thoughts. The survey closes on Jan 4, 2021.
  • Review of the Police Act
  • Fall 2020 Legislation Status

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AUMA has partnered with RMA and Alberta Health Services (AHS) to deliver a workshop on the future of healthcare in Alberta. AHS has developed an implementation plan for the recommendations arising from the AHS performance review released earlier this year.
Alberta’s Ag-Plastics Recycling Pilot now has 26 sites open and is ready to accept empty agricultural grain bags and used twine for recycling. Read about the six new locations!

A lease of real property and a license to use it are not the same, and the distinction can be significant.
Do not miss out. The deadline to apply for the Municipal Energy Champions Program is next week.

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo received the Action Centre’s support to visualize energy consumption by creating system maps. Municipalities can apply until Dec 18 to the new cohort of Municipal Energy Champions and receive energy management support just as Wood Buffalo has.

Emily Plilal, the Climate Change Coordinator for several municipalities in the Smoky River region, tells us how she is leading multiple energy-efficient upgrades for both the Guy-Donnelly Arena and the Falher Regional Recreation Complex with funding from the Action Centre. Read how she, along with 68 municipalities are breathing new life into recreation facilities.
Hiring a consultant to support your community’s asset management processes can be an important strategic decision and opportunity. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ (FCM) Municipal Asset Management Program developed three tip sheets to help ensure your municipality and the consultant you select have a successful partnership.

FCM is pleased to join forces with the Montreal-based Community Housing Transformation Centre launching the Regional Energy Coach (REC) pilot program. As part of the Sustainable Affordable Housing initiative, the RECs will help affordable housing providers initiate energy efficiency retrofits and new builds. During the two-year partnership, coaches will be active in the Prairie, Atlantic and Quebec regions, with plans to expand the pilot over the coming year. Learn more.
Town of Fairview Councillor Bryarly Parker's son, Max, has a rare neuromuscular disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy and needs funding for the drug called Zolgensma, which costs $2.8 million. While Fairview is fighting to raise the funds to give this child a better future, time is short.
Any help spreading the word to potential donors to work toward this large fundraising goal would be so appreciated. Find more information about Max at his GoFundMe page and on his website.
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