March 17, 2021
  • Changes to the Local Government Fiscal Framework
  • Bill 52, the Recall Act
  • Spring 2021 Legislation Status

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Looking to advance inclusion in your organization or community? Even if you missed our recent webinars, you can watch them on our YouTube channel.

While disqualification and removal from Council is relatively uncommon in Alberta, municipal councillors should take note of this cautionary tale and be well aware of the consequences of failing to pay taxes and utilities.
The Federation of Canadian Municipalities has started a one-year pilot project on the circular economy. The pilot is a partnership with the Recycling Council of Alberta, the National Zero Waste Council, Green Municipal Fund and RECYC-QUÉBEC. The Circular Cities & Regions Initiative will support municipalities on how to start a circular economy approach in their community, provide one-on-one mentoring, and share lessons learned and best practices for municipalities to develop and accelerate circular economy solutions.
On February 26, the Alberta Medical Association (AMA) and Alberta Health announced that a tentative agreement has been reached between the AMA and the provincial government. The proposed agreement has been put before the AMA membership for a ratification vote; the voting period opened on March 8 and will conclude on March 30. AUMA is closely following the progression of this process and will inform members of the outcome. To view the province’s February 26 news release, click here. To read the March 6 AMA President’s Letter explaining their ratification process, click here.
On March 29, Alberta’s Rural Health Professions Action Plan is hosting a webinar promoting safe COVID-19 behaviour and vaccination. For more information and to register, please visit: 19ToZero Information Session
One of AUMA's Towns South communities, Coaldale, is facing off against 15 other cities and towns in the Strongest Town competition! If you want to help out one of our communities, then cast your vote for Coaldale. Deadline for voting is tomorrow, Thursday, March 18th. 
The Elected Officials Education Program is excited to announce a new Municipal Elected Leaders Certificate! EOEP is partnering with the University of Alberta’s Augustana Extended Education to provide certificates to RMA and AUMA members who complete all seven EOEP courses.
Alberta is ideal for solar
Communities across Alberta are installing solar PV systems to generate their own electricity, lowering utility costs, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Here’s why municipalities are ideal solar generators.

Have you already installed solar power? Learn how to make sure your project is optimally operating, so your investment continues to pay back now and in the future. Are you a public servant in a Canadian city who works on climate change, equity, and decolonization? Join the Transforming Cities from Within Community of Practice to explore transformative approaches to climate change, equity, and decolonization within cities. The Community of Practice is free to join and will help you develop and prototype high impact solutions to a complex climate change, equity, and decolonization challenge in our home community.