July 31, 2019

The resolutions to be debated and voted on during the 2019 AUMA Convention are now available.  READ MORE

The results of the study commissioned by the Recycling Council of Alberta (RCA) are published and the findings prove that recycling is more than just environmental protection. READ MORE

Did you know that the Government of Alberta offers an online mapping tool that helps industry and municipalities to identify land areas where Indigenous communities may be affected by land and resource development decisions? READ MORE

Alberta Water Council is conducting their sixth review of the Water for Life implementation and is seeking your feedback to assess effectiveness and progress. READ MORE

Participating on a committee provides you with an opportunity to influence the direction of policy and programs while ensuring your municipality’s interests are addressed. READ MORE

If your municipal government is concerned with making a more inclusive environment for employees there are tools available to assess your policies, as well as a grant to help offset the costs. READ MORE
A recent decision out of Nova Scotia provides a strong reminder of the consequences to municipalities who do not take adequate steps to protect their employees from discrimination and harassment.  READ MORE
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Part 2 of our series about the wellness challenge organized by County of Barrhead will outline some of the not-so-secret ingredients that made this inaugural challenge a success. READ MORE

D on't miss this opportunity to get early bird rates for our 2019 Convention. Register for the 2019 AUMA Convention and AMSC Trade Show by August 9 to receive the early-bird rates! READ MORE

Not sure where to start with the Recreation Energy Conservation Program? We’ll explain the basics of the program, provide advice for applying, show case studies from other municipalities that have previously participated, and answer questions live. Click here to register for the Recreation Energy Conservation Program 101 webinar on July 31.
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