May 29, 2019

AUMA is pleased that Environment Minister Jason Nixon is interested in expanding the current electronic recycling program.  READ MORE

The summer Municipal Leaders’ Caucus starts in one week. This year's one-day program allows time to visit more communities and less travelling. R EAD MORE

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) announced that the Canadian Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism and Discrimination (CCMARD) will be rebranded.     READ MORE

Don't miss this year's 2-day Health and Wealth Forum that will address many timely topics such as the workplace post #MeToo and dealing with the new cannabis legislation.  READ MORE

The recent ransomware on the City of Baltimore that essentially immobilized many of the city’s operations is a wake-up call to the trend of cyber-attacks which has been increasing in small to mid-sized towns, cities and villages as prime targets for hackers.   READ MORE

When the rights and responsibilities are set out in writing and one person acts in contradiction to the written contract, the Court may look to the parties’ conduct as well as the written contract before making a ruling. READ MORE
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Registration is now open for AUMA's summer Municipal Leaders’ Caucus ! This year, we have changed the format of our summer Caucus with meetings held in Valleyview, Fort Saskatchewan, Claresholm, and Ponoka . READ MORE
Register today for AUMA's Health and Wealth Forum
Last year, our Insurance & Risk Services received 693 new claims
and paid just over $7.7 million on behalf of our members.

Save the date for these upcoming EOEP courses:

The EOEP offers courses that address the core challenges faced by municipal elected officials including ethical governance, intermunicipal collaboration and financial decision-making .

The Municipal Energy Manager Program enables municipalities to hire a Municipal Energy Manager. They will develop an energy management plan, find energy saving opportunities, and lead energy reduction projects. The MEM program supplements 80% of the salary up to $80,000. Apply now!

June is Recreation and Park Month! Celebrate by getting outdoors and active. Upgrade your recreation facilities with the Recreation Energy Conservation Program . Save money, save energy and spend more time exploring recreation in your community. Apply now!

Call for municipal speakers for the Alberta Sustainable Building Symposium October 7-9, 2019 in Edmonton, AB. If you have received funding from MCCAC to upgrade or retrofit your municipal facility, share your story, best practices and lessons learned with others at the Symposium. Expressions of Interest to present are due on June 5, 2019.