February 27, 2018

HART, May Mobility and the City of Tampa showcased self-driving cars on Tampa city streets 
TAMPA, Fla., Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018 - Today, the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART), May Mobility, and the City of Tampa showcased autonomous vehicle technology on Downtown Tampa City streets. The demonstration provided transit experts and local leaders with an understanding about the capabilities of self-driving vehicles and what the city can expect from this type of transit technology. 

"The organization's demonstration with May Mobility is a fantastic opportunity for residents to experience autonomous vehicle technology on our city streets," said HART Interim CEO Jeff Seward. "Automated vehicles have the potential to significantly enhance our transit system in the near future and HART is excited to bring this technology and innovative thinking to our community."
The Michigan-based May Mobility vehicle fleet traversed city streets and Marion Transit Way corridor with passengers to demonstrate the technology in a real-world scenario. This roadway is the same area HART anticipates the deployment and future use of autonomous vehicles in the downtown business district.
"HART's desire to bring autonomous vehicles to Tampa is a prime example of embracing and creating the city of the future, and the May Mobility team is excited to be considered as a potential partner in providing reliable, safe, environmentally-friendly, and convenient methods of transportation," said Alisyn Malek, COO, and co-founder of May Mobility. "Our autonomous vehicle fleets were created to bring people closer together and help support local economies, and we are excited to use our industry-leading technology to redefine transit for the Tampa Bay community."
"We're thrilled to have the opportunity to demonstrate how our autonomous vehicle fleet would operate within the Tampa Bay community," said Edwin Olson, CEO and co-founder of May Mobility. "The potential partnership between HART and the May Mobility team will allow both parties to leverage expertise and set the standard for autonomous transportation in cities and communities across the U.S." 

About May Mobility:
May Mobility brings communities closer together, with fleets of self-driving vehicles that make short distance travel safe, personal, and effortless. From business districts to educational campuses to residential areas, May Mobility provide a fully- managed, right-sized shuttle service that helps people engage more fully in the places where they live and work. Built by a team that is shaping the future of autonomous vehicle technology, May Mobility sees a world where self-driving cars will reduce the need for individual car ownership, encourage better land use and foster more vibrant, livable communities. While other autonomous vehicle companies are still in research and development, May Mobility has already deployed our fleet of shuttles and conducting pilot programs across the U.S.

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