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We at AV Group believe that not only should we be providing the highest quality service, but it is also our duty to help educate our clients to help them make the most of their AV productions. In that spirit, we present the this series of articles examining various aspects of the AV industry.

Dressing, Drapes & Decor

Whether you like it or not, you meeting attendees will walk away from your event with an impression about your company from the “look” of your meeting room as well as the content you are delivering.  

While budgets may be tight (as many are these days) there are small enhancements you can make to your room setup that can greatly enhance the look and feel of your meeting.  Some can give a professional finished look, while others can lend a festive atmosphere.  One of the often overlooked areas is the use of dressing and drapery.  

Most every staging company carries standard black pipe & drape, and it does serve a purpose.  It can be used to hide storage areas, or other unsightly areas.  Black drape for the most part, is more to hide items rather than enhancing the room.

Consider using other colors for the drape.  You can get drapery in a wide variety of colors for just a few dollars more, and it can make quite a difference

We especially like using light colored drapery such as white or gray.  Lighter colors pickup the colors in lighting creating a stunning visual effect.
Another small change to help improve the look of your room setup is a tech drape to hide the mess of wires from the “control station” of your AV setup.  A simple drape system can hide a multitude of sins.

Bottom line, it’s the little things that separate a good show, from a great show.
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