Parent/Guardian Issue 3
5-8 Edition
August 28, 2020
Preparing for Takeoff
As we prepare for take off on Monday, August 31, we want to ensure you have all the information you need for a smooth ride. The safety card is in the seat pocket below and please give your attention to our crew for take off information.
To Do This Weekend
  • Take a moment to relax, put yourself in the right mindset, and read this newsletter in great detail.  Please ensure you have completed all of the tasks in bold. This communication is nearly identical to DPM’s, yet there are slight differences I will bring to your attention.

  • Focus on the student schedule document below. This will guide your child through their day. If you need assistance reading your PowerSchool schedule click here.

*The biggest difference between DPM classes and AVA classes is that 5th grade is NOT blocked and therefore you should not look at the 5th grade schedule. ALL students should follow the 6-8 Grade Schedule. I have made a copy to reflect this here.

Acclimate and familiarize yourself with our DPM Remote Start 2020 STUDENT Quick Links and Fast Facts document.
  • Work with your child to make sure they have access to Schoology
This is our Learning Management System for teachers to communicate with students, push out assignments, and collect work.

  • Join your Schoology class page.
  • For 5th Grade
  • Join your Class page to find your Google Meet Links for Monday. We have included this tutorial on how to join your course page and find the Google Meet links within Schoology. 
  • Your join code is SPGP-XSGT-KFC82.
  • For 6th-8th Grade
  • GO TO your Class page on Schoology to find the Google Meet links for Monday for each teacher. If you need to join the class page, we have included a tutorial for our 6th graders and a tutorial for our 7 and 8th graders here. Be sure to use the correct join code for your grade level:
  • 6th grade join code - 44VX-K7V9-DWDVT
  • 7th grade join code - PF6RH-G95XF
  • 8th grade join code - D7X8Z-2FFM2

Parents will receive their own “parent join codes” next week. If you have accessed Schoology in previous years, your login information has not changed.

  • Review your teacher’s join links which are outlined in this document. The AVA staff is bookmarked on the left side. 

  • Familiarize yourself with schedules.
  • Your child can access their schedule on PowerSchool and Schoology. We want to address some concerns that have arisen with the release of student schedules. A great deal of thought and planning has gone into the scheduling of each student. 
  • Due to many scheduling constraints this year, we cannot honor schedule changes at this time. We value the social and emotional development of our students and want to reassure you that your child will have multiple opportunities to interact with peers through synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities.
Specifics on Monday, August 31
  • For next week, students will join their classes each day following the daily student schedule:

Kicking Off Orientation Week
On Monday, students will attend synchronous (a live Google Meet in real time with their teachers) lessons from 8:45 am - 11:25 am for their Virtual Orientation. 

The bell schedule is adjusted for all students regardless of whether they are in the AM or PM cohort. This will provide students an opportunity to meet with each one of their new teachers and classmates to build their classroom community for the school year. 

Teachers will lead their classes through various lessons surrounding different themes to prepare students for the requirements of the hybrid/remote learning model. 

In the afternoon, following their lunch break in the middle of the day, students will be invited to engage in “funtastic” asynchronous activities, meaning flexibility timed pre-recorded activities created by our DPM staff that students can complete in any order.

Some are required and others are optional enrichment opportunities. Students are able to complete these experiences at their own pace over the course of the week. Please see the details of the schedule below:

Welcome Back & Orientation Week 8/31 - 9/4


On Monday, students will:

  • Following the Principal's Welcome your child will follow this link for their schedule for the day.

  • During the afternoon block of each day throughout Orientation Week, students should engage in asynchronous activities: Activity Access.
Specifics on Tuesday, September 1 Friday, September 4

Follow your same schedule:

Materials Pick Up
Next week starts our Welcome Back to students and an opportunity for families to pick up student materials at DPM. Families will join staff and administration on the back of the DPM patio to collect materials starting  September 1st and are encouraged to come and pick-up materials for World Language, Creative Arts/Encore classes, and some core content materials. 

In order to limit exposure and follow CDC guidelines, student/family access will be designated by last name. Please have your child bring their school schedule with them. They will need their teachers’ names and courses. 

For the pick-up of the materials, we ask that you limit attendance to only students and one (1) parent/guardian. If you are unable to pick-up your materials, you may arrange for a friend/neighbor to pick-up your materials. Please have their schedule information available to speed up the process. Families will also need to Please complete this D67 COVID-19 System Survey the day of picking up your materials. 

  • September 1st - A-G
  • September 2nd - H-M
  • September 3rd - N-R
  • September 4th - S-Z

Families must complete self-certification prior to arrival. Click the self certification link below and complete the attached form for yourself and your child/children. 

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when you are picking up your items:
  • Families must wear a mask when interfacing with district staff.
  • Stay 6 feet away from other families.
  • Pick-up is permitted daily between 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm.
  • Park in the back of the building. 
  • All material tables will be located on the back patio.

If you are unable to pick up your materials, please reach out to the office for a specific time to pick up your materials. 

5/6 Office: 847-615-4470 
7/8 Office: 847-604-7400

Some students enjoyed library books and textbooks checked out from last year and we ask you please return them to us next week when you come for Materials Pick Up.
Coming Soon
  • I will be hosting Town Halls as a way to meet and greet. Stay tuned!

  • More information to come regarding what synchronous versus asynchronous learning may look like this year.
  • If by some chance you are having technical difficulties, please DO NOT PANIC. We have a lot of support on hand. Also teachers know that we will have some messy transitions and some students may not be able to get on a link. All will be fine and we will figure it out together. 
  • For technology issues:
  • For login issues:

  • Sign up for my Twitter (@ReneeFitzEdu) so you can follow our journey this year

  • Take a look at The Map on our website to find some of the parent and community resources we have curated for you through our fantastic district SEL COVID Task force. Scroll down to resources

Stay safe and be well,
Renée Fitzsimmons
AVA Principal
Lake Forest School District 67
cell 847.721.8376