April 1, 2021
A Message From The Principal
Dear AVA Parents,

Who could have imagined what this year would have in store…it has surely been a wild ride!!! Weekly teacher “mailbox treats”, Thanksgiving Pies, Gift Cards for Valentine’s Day, catered staff luncheons during conferences, are just some of the ways we have shown our staff how much we love and appreciate them. None of which would have been possible without your support.

On April 21st, we will begin our final fundraising effort of this year. We are hopeful that you will show up as you have this entire year. Feel free to take a sneak peek at the platform we have chosen and be on the lookout for more information to come This year we have decided to spend some of the money DURING the year, instead of gifting it after the school year, as we have done in the past.

We are hoping to utilize $20,000 of the money raised for the 1st ever SCHOOL APPRECIATION WEEK. Previously we have set aside one week to celebrate our fabulous staff. This year we will include the students for their resilience and flexibility. The week will be filled with lots of exciting activities for everyone – more details as we get closer.

With gratitude,

Your PTO 
Kirsten, Winter, Maaria, Trish, Jessica, Natalia, Tammy, and Dee

April is the last month your student can check out a library book. Please make sure your student is prepared to return ALL AVA LIBRARY BOOKS by May 2021.
Important Immunization Information
for incoming 6th Grade Students
click the image below
Classroom Composite Photos are Now Available to Order

If you wish to order a composite of your students homeroom class you may place your order here.

Order Deadline - Monday April 12th.
Reminder for AVA Families with Incoming Siblings

If you have not yet received an offer for an incoming sibling for the 21/22 school year please email our enrollment office to ensure they have been put on the list with sibling priority.
CARPOOL Pickup and Drop Off Reminders

From the home office of Castle Rock, Colorado, we now present the top 5 carpool reminders (anyone remember Letterman?).

5.     Only Pre-K parents should park/drop off in Pre-K parking lot. This is the small lot near the school exit. Pre-K parents must walk their child in and sign them in for the day, so those limited spots must be available for Pre-K parents.

4.     Please pull forward all the way to the top of carpool lane for drop off no matter what door your child enters. Stopping mid-way prohibits more cars from being in the drop-off zone which makes carpool last longer.

3.     Be ready to exit vehicle. No tying shoes, finishing breakfast, zipping backpack up, fixing hair, looking for a mask. etc.... Be ready to exit. If not quite ready (we understand things happen) pull all the way to the top and then finish getting ready before trying to exit your vehicle.

2.     Parents, please stay in your vehicle. We promise to get your child into the building. We know it is tempting to get out of your car for hugs and kisses, but please do that while in your car.

And the number one reminder at drop off...
1.     After dropping off your child please follow the flow of traffic and exit. Do not stop to watch your child enter the building – we will make sure they get in safely.
Spring Cleaning at AVA
Join us for an ALL family spring cleaning day on Saturday April 10th from 9am - 12pm to pick up the AVA grounds. After a long winter, the AVA playground and surrounding property, including Parrish Park, are littered. We would like to clean things up. Each family member who participates can count their time towards your family volunteer hours. With COVID, not as many hours have been available this year so here is a chance to get some hours and have fun too.

If you have not set up your Volunteer Profile in Raptor, please click here to do so now. To log your hours please click here and log into your Raptor Volunteer Profile. (All Family hours can be grouped together when logging hours ie: 4 family member were here for 1 hour time to log would be 8am - 12pm).  Please note: use a computer to log hours a mobile device does not work very well.
Missing Laptop Chargers

Elementary parents please look around your house for student laptop chargers. We have several missing chargers which did not make it back to school once quarantines are over. The chargers are not always labeled with student or teacher names so we are not sure which ones are missing. Our supply of chargers is very low and for some models we cannot give teachers any replacement chargers. Please send them back with your student to drop at the office. Thank you for your help.
Mask/Face Covering guidance while on AVA property

We are asking parents/guardians to please wear a face covering while on AVA property during arrival and dismissal. There is no requirement to wear a mask or face shield while in your vehicle.

Thank you for your assistance with this as we try to keep AVA open to in-person learning as long as the safety and health data show it is safe to do so.
Middle School News
The DCSD Art Show is upon us! This year's show will again be virtual. If your Middle School student has pieces that they would like to submit for the show, please have your student complete this Google Form.

Once all submissions are made, students will vote on their top 5 favorite pieces from each media to then be entered to the DCSD show. Submissions are not limited!

Submissions will be due April 9th!

Please contact Katie Pelley, Middle School Art, if you have any questions.
PTO News
Happy Grams

Do you want to wish your student a happy birthday for everyone to see? Now you can! For only $10, you can reserve an exclusive spot on the electronic board to send your message. For more details and to purchase click here to order (Deadline is 14 days prior to the birthday or announcement, NO EXCEPTIONS). We will contact you for your message and payment verification.
AVA Wolf Shack

The Wolf Shack will be open online only and we will get orders to your students’ classroom. We have moved delivery day to Wednesdays. Orders need to be placed by 3pm Monday to be delivered Wednesday. If you are requesting to pick up at the front office, those orders will be labeled appropriately and brought into the office. To order, please click here.

Thank you for supporting the Wolf Shack - all funds raised go directly towards AVA PTO Events and Activities!

Middle School Sports
Spring is upon us, and our sports programs are still on "pause." Our school and athletic conferences main concern is keeping our students in school. Because athletics would include the mixing of cohorts, we need to monitor the situation closely. We will continue to track the safety of sports through Colorado and CHSAA, and send out any update accordingly. Thank you for understanding!

If you have any questions please contact Lindsay Alguire at
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