February 25, 2021
A Message From The Principal
Carpool Safety/Reminders
We have seen an uptick with concerns being reported to us from parents and neighbors regarding carpool issues. These concerns focus mainly on four issues:
  1. Let’s be good neighbors. In the past week AVA has received several complaints from neighbors regarding cars parking and blocking driveways while dropping off kids or waiting to pick up kids. There have been concerns with people turning around in the middle of the street and driving on lawns as they are trying to turn around. 
  2. Speeding. We have also seen quite a few cars traveling too fast on Low Meadow Blvd. during carpool time and this is not safe. We have many students and parents crossing the street and we want everyone to be safe. Also, please keep an eye on your speed while on AVA property. Kids will be kids and may unknowingly wander into the drive lane which makes it that much more important to keep the speeds in check.
  3. Left turn onto Fiddle Road. Please note a new sign has been installed by the Town of Castle Rock restricting the left turn onto Fiddle Road from Low Meadow during drop off and pickup times. Please make adjustments to your route to avoid making this left turn during pickup and drop off.
  4. Distractions while in carpool line. Please do not check cell phones, tablets, or other devices once the carpool line starts moving. All it takes is one quick moment of taking your attention away from watching where you are going for an accident to happen. 

The safety of our students, staff, and parents is always a top priority for Aspen View Academy. Thank you for paying attention and helping us keep everyone safe.
Reminder for AVA Families with Incoming Siblings

If you have not yet received an offer for an incoming sibling for the 21/22 school year please email our enrollment office to ensure they have been put on the list with sibling priority.
Missing Laptop Chargers

Elementary parents please look around your house for student laptop chargers. We have several missing chargers which did not make it back to school once quarantines are over. The chargers are not always labeled with student or teacher names so we are not sure which ones are missing. Our supply of chargers is very low and for some models we cannot give teachers any replacement chargers. Please send them back with your student to drop at the office. Thank you for your help.
Mask/Face Covering guidance while on AVA property

We are asking parents/guardians to please wear a face covering while on AVA property during arrival and dismissal. There is no requirement to wear a mask or face shield while in your vehicle.

Thank you for your assistance with this as we try to keep AVA open to in-person learning as long as the safety and health data show it is safe to do so.
PTO News
Wednesday's Pay for Dress of Choice

We honored our very own kindergartener, Jack Rodell. He "rang the bell" for his last cancer treatment on Tuesday. For this great accomplishment, we proudly raised funds for the Children's Hospital of Colorado, in his name in the amount of over $2500. Thank you AVA Community for your support!
Happy Grams

Do you want to wish your student a happy birthday for everyone to see? Now you can! For only $10, you can reserve an exclusive spot on the electronic board to send your message. For more details and to purchase click here to order (Deadline is 14 days prior to the birthday or announcement, NO EXCEPTIONS). We will contact you for your message and payment verification.
AVA Wolf Shack

The Wolf Shack will be open online only and we will get orders to your students’ classroom. We have moved delivery day to Wednesdays. Orders need to be placed by 3pm Monday to be delivered Wednesday. If you are requesting to pick up at the front office, those orders will be labeled appropriately and brought into the office. To order, please click here.

Thank you for supporting the Wolf Shack - all funds raised go directly towards AVA PTO Events and Activities!

Middle School Sports
Middle School Sports

Spring is upon us, and our sports programs are still on "pause." Our school and athletic conferences main concern is keeping our students in school. Because athletics would include the mixing of cohorts, we need to monitor the situation closely. We will continue to track the safety of sports through Colorado and CHSAA, and send out any update accordingly. Thank you for understanding!

If you have any questions please contact Lindsay Alguire at
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