February 4, 2021
A Message From The Principal
You may have heard me say that the success of AVA is due to a strong partnership between the parents and the staff. I firmly believe that everything your child achieves is a direct correlation to the dedication and commitment of the AVA staff and parents. It is truly an honor to serve the parents and students of Aspen View Academy. Please take the following poem to heart and its message and be reminded of how honored we all are to serve you!

I dreamed I stood in a studio
And watched two sculptors there,
The clay they used was a young child’s mind,
and they fashioned it with care.

One was a teacher; the tools she used
Were books and music and art;
One a parent with a guiding hand,
And a gentle, loving heart.

Day after day the teacher toiled
With a touch that was deft and sure,
While the parent labored by her side
And polished and smoothed it over

And when at last their work was done,
They were proud of what they had wrought,
For the things they had molded into the child,
Could neither be sold or bought.

And each agreed they would have failed
If they had worked alone,
For behind the parent stood the school,
And behind the teacher, the home.

Author Unknown
Switching Your Child's Learning Platform
As Trimester 3 approaches, we understand some families may be looking to switch learning platforms (eLearning or in-person).
If you would like to make a change to your child's learning platform, please complete this form by Thursday, February 11thYou will need to complete the form for EACH student for whom you are requesting a change of platform. You do NOT need to complete the form if your child will continue in their current learning platform. 
We will be working with teachers and families to make the necessary changes and have those students beginning their new learning platform the first day of the third trimester, Monday, February 22nd.
Picture Retakes
for 7th & 8th Grades

Wednesday February 10th 8:30 - 10am for all students needing retakes.

eLearners still needing their photo take please sign up here.

Click here to order your Retake photo.
Intent to Return to Aspen View Academy
It is that time of year again. Please complete this form and return to the front office no later than February 19th. This form is specific to Aspen View Academy. If this form is not submitted, AVA will assume you are not returning to AVA and your child's spot may be given to the next person on the lottery list.

Traffic Safety

Recently the Town of Castle Rock installed new signs along Low Meadow Blvd. One of these signs is a NO LEFT TURN at Fiddle Rd during the times of Student Drop Off and Student Pick Up. It aligns with the times of the School Zone Flashers (7-9am and 2-4pm). To avoid traffic congestion please adjust your route if you are making this left turn during these times.

Castle Rock PD will be enforcing this new traffic pattern.
We have rescheduled our Vision and Hearing Screening for February 22-25. With the Covid-19 pandemic and need for physical distancing and following CDE's guidance, we are modifying these screenings. Students in Kindergarten, new students, those receiving special education services and students whose screening survey indicated a concern will be screened.  
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Karin Gardner, RN, School Nurse Consultant at
WOW – our school made such an incredible impact through Kids Heart Challenge this year!! Don’t forget donations are due on 2/12/2021. We hope every family will take one final action to help us reach our goal of $5000!
Raise $100 to SLIME Ms. Damm! Shoutout to these students for earning their TIME TO SLIME!
We are so proud to celebrate all we’ve done so far:
  • 63 students took the heart-healthy challenge and joined our team this year!
  • Our donation count is up to $5957.63 for the American Heart Association, THANK YOU!! (See below for some of the incredible things your donations help fund.)
We set out to complete the mission and we could not have achieved it without you. THANK YOU for taking action to help us save lives! 
Did you know? If you work for a company that matches donations, you can make a personal donation and they will match it – THAT’S DOUBLE THE DONATION! How’s that for making a difference? For more information, click here or visit
When you support the American Heart Association, it’s evident in communities like yours. Explore the AHA’s Impact Map here to see how your support makes a difference across the country and in the places your loved ones call home. Here are a few highlights:
13.6% reduction in deaths from stroke
$4.6 Billion invested in research funding
15.1% reduction in deaths from heart disease
Over 19 Million people benefiting from a quality care initiative for high blood pressure
22 million people trained in CPR each year
Yearbook Information
Photos Needed! 

The yearbook staff is in need of more specific pictures. If you have any of the following, please email them to Thanks!
  1. Dance PAWty
  2. Holiday Class Parties
  3. Staff Holiday Contests (Halloween, Winter, etc.)
  4. Kids Halloween
  5. First Day of School pics
  6. Community Support Projects - AVA sponsored or maybe your family did something on your own! (This topic includes the photos from the Thanksgiving food drive)
  7. E-learning photos
  8. E-learning pet buddies
  9. School project photos.
Mask/Face Covering guidance while on AVA property

We are asking parents/guardians to please wear a face covering while on AVA property during arrival and dismissal. There is no requirement to wear a mask or face shield while in your vehicle.

Thank you for your assistance with this as we try to keep AVA open to in-person learning as long as the safety and health data show it is safe to do so.
PTO News
Valentine's Gift Cards for Staff

We'd love to show appreciation to ALL of our staff members. Please check out the signup genius, get quick volunteer hours, and make our AVA staff's Valentine's day brighter! Deadline is 2/8/21.

February Spirit Night at Freddy's

Wednesday, February 24th from 4 to 8pm

Mention AVA during purchase and have 15% of proceeds come back to our school!
Happy Grams

Do you want to wish your student a happy birthday for everyone to see? Now you can! For only $10, you can reserve an exclusive spot on the electronic board to send your message. For more details and to purchase click here to order (Deadline is 14 days prior to the birthday or announcement, NO EXCEPTIONS). We will contact you for your message and payment verification.
AVA Wolf Shack

The Wolf Shack will be open online only and we will get orders to your students’ classroom. We have moved delivery days to Wednesdays. Orders need to be placed by 3pm Monday to be delivered Wednesday. If you are requesting to pick up at the front office, those orders will be labeled appropriately and brought into the office. To order, please click here.

Thank you for supporting the Wolf Shack - all funds raised go directly towards AVA PTO Events and Activities!

Middle School Sports
Middle School Sports

Spring is upon us, and our sports programs are still on "pause." Our school and athletic conferences main concern is keeping our students in school. Because athletics would include the mixing of cohorts, we need to monitor the situation closely. We will continue to track the safety of sports through Colorado and CHSAA, and send out any update accordingly. Thank you for understanding!

If you have any questions please contact Lindsay Alguire at
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