February 18, 2021
A Message From The Principal
Dear Parents:
You can find it on the AVA website, you can see it when you enter the school. It drives everything we do at AVA. What is it I am referring to? Could it be the welcoming environment that we have created here, or the sense that all of our students really enjoy coming to school and learning? While those are very evident at AVA, they are not what I am referring to. I am referring to AVA's mission and vision.
mission statement is important to any organization, especially a school. This statement provides a brief description of AVA's fundamental purpose and answers the question, "Why do we exist?" The mission statement articulates AVA's purpose to staff, parents, and students, as well as to the general public. AVA's mission statement is as follows:
Aspen View Academy will succeed through academic excellence in a challenging and stimulating learning environment that emphasizes math, technology, and language arts, enabling our students to become critical thinkers, responsible citizens, strong community members and future leaders.
Our goal at Aspen View Academy is to provide an outstanding education to all students. We teach and reinforce the school's RESPECT Model, Capturing Kids’ Hearts, emphasize science, technology, literacy, and math, and provide many opportunities for students to give back to the school and the community. We encourage students to "stay curious" and to continually ask questions. Kids minds are like sponges and we want to fill their minds with valuable information and encourage them to become lifelong learners.
A vision statement is sometimes called a picture of an organization, but it's so much more than that. A vision statement is our inspiration and provides the framework for all our strategic planning. AVA's vision statement articulates our dreams and hopes for the school and your child. It reminds us of what we are trying to build. AVA's vision is as follows:
Our students will excel academically through a challenging, sequenced curriculum. We recognize that an education is incomplete without fostering the arts, sports, nature, and character. Together, with our students, faculty, parents, and community, we will develop civic and personal responsibility, intellectual passion, and differentiated instruction in a safe, orderly, balanced, and nurturing environment.
AVA's vision statement is intentionally robust, and we strive every day to implement it with fidelity. The Core Knowledge Sequence provides a challenging and sequenced curriculum. We set high expectations for all our students and provide the tools and resources necessary for all students to achieve these expectations. All teachers and staff at AVA truly believe that every student can achieve at a high level. To accomplish this, teachers review the many assessment data points that they receive for each student and use this information to guide and differentiate instruction.
Accountability is key as well. AVA exists to educate and academically grow kids. We strive every day to do this to the best of our ability. We provide on-going training opportunities for the staff. They are trained on best practices and are provided time to meet with colleagues to discuss what may be working or not working in a particular grade. And, when they identify an area of improvement, they have the flexibility to work with their team to make a change. The administration team observes and evaluates teachers to make sure they are staying true to the mission and vision of the school. We have EXCELLENT teachers at AVA; and our goal is to provide opportunities for continuous improvement.
Finally, a child's educational experience is not complete without art, music, PE, technology, and character education. The STEAM focus allows AVA students to become well-rounded individuals who are well-prepared for high school and beyond.
It is extremely important for us to stay true to our mission and vision. Everything from AVA's strategic plan to the curriculum we use at school follows our mission and vision, which ensures that we continually provide the best education possible for your child.
Missing Laptop Chargers

Elementary parents please look around your house for student laptop chargers. We have several missing chargers which did not make it back to school once quarantines are over. The chargers are not always labeled with student or teacher names so we are not sure which ones are missing. Our supply of chargers is very low and for some models we cannot give teachers any replacement chargers. Please send them back with your student to drop at the office. Thank you for your help.
Reminder for AVA Families with Incoming Siblings

If you have not yet received an offer for an incoming sibling for the 21/22 school year please email our enrollment office to ensure they have been put on the list with sibling priority.
Intent to Return to Aspen View Academy
It is that time of year again. Please complete this form and return to the front office no later Tomorrow February 19th. This form is specific to Aspen View Academy. If this form is not submitted, AVA will assume you are not returning to AVA and your child's spot may be given to the next person on the lottery list.

We have rescheduled our Vision and Hearing Screening for February 22-25. With the Covid-19 pandemic and need for physical distancing and following CDE's guidance, we are modifying these screenings. Students in Kindergarten, new students, those receiving special education services and students whose screening survey indicated a concern will be screened.  
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Karin Gardner, RN, School Nurse Consultant at
Yearbook Information
Photos Needed! 

The yearbook staff is in need of more specific pictures. If you have any of the following, please email them to Thanks!
  1. Dance PAWty
  2. Holiday Class Parties
  3. Staff Holiday Contests (Halloween, Winter, etc.)
  4. Kids Halloween
  5. First Day of School pics
  6. Community Support Projects - AVA sponsored or maybe your family did something on your own! (This topic includes the photos from the Thanksgiving food drive)
  7. E-learning photos
  8. E-learning pet buddies
  9. School project photos.
Mask/Face Covering guidance while on AVA property

We are asking parents/guardians to please wear a face covering while on AVA property during arrival and dismissal. There is no requirement to wear a mask or face shield while in your vehicle.

Thank you for your assistance with this as we try to keep AVA open to in-person learning as long as the safety and health data show it is safe to do so.
PTO News

February Spirit Night at Freddy's

Wednesday, February 24th from 4 to 8pm

Mention AVA during purchase and have 15% of proceeds come back to our school!
Happy Grams

Do you want to wish your student a happy birthday for everyone to see? Now you can! For only $10, you can reserve an exclusive spot on the electronic board to send your message. For more details and to purchase click here to order (Deadline is 14 days prior to the birthday or announcement, NO EXCEPTIONS). We will contact you for your message and payment verification.
AVA Wolf Shack

The Wolf Shack will be open online only and we will get orders to your students’ classroom. We have moved delivery day to Wednesdays. Orders need to be placed by 3pm Monday to be delivered Wednesday. If you are requesting to pick up at the front office, those orders will be labeled appropriately and brought into the office. To order, please click here.

Thank you for supporting the Wolf Shack - all funds raised go directly towards AVA PTO Events and Activities!

Middle School Sports
Middle School Sports

Spring is upon us, and our sports programs are still on "pause." Our school and athletic conferences main concern is keeping our students in school. Because athletics would include the mixing of cohorts, we need to monitor the situation closely. We will continue to track the safety of sports through Colorado and CHSAA, and send out any update accordingly. Thank you for understanding!

If you have any questions please contact Lindsay Alguire at
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