September 10th, 2020
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One the many great things about Aspen View Academy is our focus on character education. We do not simply focus on academics, but on the development of each child into a productive and well-rounded young adult.

As the adult role models, staff, teachers, and parents play key roles in the character education of all our young people.


Every year the AVA staff discusses a fundamental idea: “Everything we do teaches our students something.” They do not just learn from our formal lessons. They learn from every one of our choices and behaviors. Our children are always watching. How do we react when things do not go our way? How do we respond when we get cut off by another driver in traffic? Do we persevere when frustrated, or do we give up easily? How do we speak to our students when they make bad choices (either once or repeatedly)? In these moments we can teach our children to be short-tempered, defeated, and reactionary, or we can teach them to have patience, fortitude, and grace. It’s no easy task, but each of us regularly plays the role of teacher just by being around our students. Every day is full of opportunities to give them lessons on how to be a high-quality adult.


No doubt, this kind of modeling requires us to be intentional in our actions. This degree of attention to our own behavior can also guide the conversations we have. When students make a mistake and are hard on themselves, we have a great opportunity to remind them that we all fall short, but that we can learn from it and improve. When we are confronted with a challenging situation and are tempted to respond badly, but we rise above that and choose patience or determination, we can stop and take the time to point this out to our children. These are teachable moments.

I am, as always, grateful to be a part of this community that values a strong sense of character. Working together as staff, teachers, and parents, we set a high bar for our students and provide them with a daily example of excellence.

If you are parked on Low Meadow, please stay in your vehicle and move forward when the car in front of you moves forward or enters onto Low Meadow. We are trying to keep Low Meadow drop off / pick up moving like a car pool lane. When you get out of your vehicle and walk to the front of the school it is causing backups and traffic jams down the line.

Click Here for Drop Off and Pick Up Map and Procedures.
Chipotle Spirit Night from 4 to 8pm on September 23rd: 

Let’s keep the momentum going with spirit night. Join us at Chipotle! In restaurant: show your flyer or mention AVA. Ordering online? Use code: JMPLLEF. Either way, 33% of proceeds will come back to AVA. Thanks for your support!
Pay to Dress of Choice On September 16th

Please bring a minimum of $1 to participate in pay to dress of choice when you enter the school on September 16th. All proceeds will be donated to Rylie’s Ark. For more information about Rylie's ARK, please click here. If you have an elearner, and would like to participate, you can drop funds to the front lobby of the school by 9am. Thank you!
AVA Dance Pawty 9/23

We’re only 1 week away from our AVA Dance PAWty and our students and staff are so excited! Donating is officially open on! Please support our school today - here’s how:

1. REGISTER your student(s) on today. It takes 30 seconds!

2. SHARE with 5 family/friends using the SHARE tools on (Facebook, Text Message or Email) Students will earn rewards just for sharing from

3. GIVE a donation if you are able to give.

• All students get to participate in the Event day, regardless of financial participation

• This fundraiser comes with an incredible character development program for students where they’ll be learning about the importance of teamwork, care, courage, grit and celebration

Thank you for supporting our school - we are grateful for our amazing school community!

Donating Opens - Today!

Register on FUNRUN.COM, SHARE, & GIVE!

Fundraiser Kick Off - 9/14

Event Day - 9/23
In Person Learner Absences
If an in-person student needs to miss school due to illness or other reasons, the student will be counted as absent. The student may join in eLearning to keep up with their class, but will still be considered absent for the day. Any extenuating circumstances requiring a variance must be approved by administration.

eLearner Absences
If an eLearner needs to log off early or arrive late due to appointments etc., please be sure to do the attendance app or call the attendance line at (303) 660-5943. Be sure to include in the comment box or voicemail that your student is an eLearner.
Shopstravaganza at Castle Rock Outlets on 10/3 and 10/4

Shop with your AVA friends for a good cause on the weekend of October 3rd and 4th. Sign up here to get tickets, chances at amazing raffle drawings and support our school all in one event! $20 tickets, and 100% of proceeds will go directly to AVA. Support today!
Middle School Sports
Middle School Sports

Due to the concern for the safety of our students, and following CHSAA guidelines, all middle school sports will be put on pause until January. We are currently in the process of reformatting seasons, so we can have an opportunity to still participate in all sports that AVA typically offers. If your student is interested in participating in a sport in the spring, please consider turning in their sports physical this fall, to avoid the rush.

If you have any questions please contact Lindsay Alguire at
PTO News
AVA Wolf Shack

The Wolf Shack will be open online only and we will get orders to your students’ classrooms. We have moved delivery days to Wednesdays. Orders need to be placed by 3pm Monday to be delivered Wednesday. If you are requesting to pick up at the front office, those orders will be labeled appropriately and brought into the office. We are currently working on details to offer shipping directly to students’ homes and restocking our inventory. Please stay tuned for more details. To order, please click here.
Thank you for supporting the Wolf Shack - all funds raised go directly towards AVA!
If you have questions, please
email: – we are happy to assist you!
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