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Canine Summertime Fears, Anxieties, and Scares

Summer can be a dangerous time for pets due to the potential for heatstroke, snake bites, and heartworms (see our June newsletter). It can also be a scary time for dogs due to fireworks, thunderstorms, traveling, and necessary vet visits. This month we look at these issues and how to help your canine cope with them.
Fireworks & Thunderstorms
Covid-19 may have reduced the number of large public firework events, but that could mean more neighborhood activity your dog will be subjected to this year. Help your pet stay safe and prepared for these events by having the following measures in place.

  • It's important your dog has proper ID and is microchipped. If your pet has a tendency to run away during fireworks or thunderstorms, their ID and microchipping will help reunite them with you when they are found. Microchipping is safe and as painless as a vaccine. For more information on microchipping, visit the Home Again website.

  • Creating a safe place for your dog during these scary events can also help provide a calm environment. If they are crate trained, find a space where there are no windows and the area is comfortable and quiet. Adding a familiar toy or treat will also provide additional comfort.

  • Training your dog can also help them learn to cope with distractions. Check out our training schedule below for upcoming classes. Training helps build confidence and teaches them life-long skills.

If you feel your pet has severe noise phobia to fireworks and thunderstorms schedule an appointment with us to see how medication may be the option your dog needs to help reduce their anxiety.
Summer travel is here and if that includes your pets as passengers, here are travel tips to consider.

  • Schedule your dog for an exam if you are concerned they may not handle a long car ride or plane flight. They may benefit from medications to reduce their stress and anxiety.
  • Make sure you locate (in advance) the nearest vet clinic to your final destination in case of an emergency while you are away.
  • If you are traveling by car, make frequent stops for water and bathroom breaks.

For more travel tips visit our Traveling With Your Pet web page.
Vet Visits
Some pets get anxious when they have a visit to the clinic. Here are a few recommendations to help reduce their stress.

Even before your dog arrives at the clinic, the car ride itself may be a stressful event. Try regular trips to the park or another fun location to so they don't always associate a car ride with a clinic visit.

Medications and other therapeutic options for stress and anxiety can also help when given the night before their clinic visit. are sure you speak with our vets about the best treatment option for your pet.

Additionally, consider daycare and enrichment sessions for your dog. These help with socialization and provide an opportunity for your dog to associate their clinic visit with a fun activity instead of an exam.
For more information on medications to help reduce fear, stress, and anxiety, schedule an appointment, by contacting the clinic at (205) 967-7383 . Also, check out our daycare and enrichment sessions below.
Dr. Julie Grimes
Dr. Melissa Joseph Miller
Dr. Sarah Foster
Safety First

Due to the recent surge in Covid19 cases in Jefferson County, the Jeffco Health Officer has enacted a mandatory face covering/mask order in public places effective June 29. To read the complete order visit the Jefferson County website at jccal.org.

At AVAC we continue to do our part to help reduce the spread of this novel virus and encourage you d do the same. Our lobby is open for a limited number of people at a time provided you wear a mask or appropriate face covering. We also still offer curbside service. Please call the office when you arrive for your appointment.

Thank you for your patience as we all do our part to get through this difficult time.
Playtime at AVAC Just Got Personal

Canine Enrichment Sessions Now Available!

Your pet can now enjoy one-on-one enrichment sessions as part of their stay during boarding, grooming, and day care. Beginning this Friday, March 6, AVAC will hold individual enrichment sessions from 10 am to 12 pm. While these are not training classes, they are conducted by Anthony Rodriquez, Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA). Each session last 15 minutes and is only $15.

Enrichment sessions are designed to engage your pet through mental, physical, sensory, and confidence building activities based on your pet's specific needs. If you are interested and want to sign your dog up for one-on-one enrichment, call 205-967-7383 for available dates and times.
(Good Through 9/30/20)
(Good Through 12/31/20)
 *Terms and conditions apply. Must be of the same product, size, and purchased at one time, Ask front desk receptionist for full terms and conditions.
Training Class Schedule
Puppy/Beginner Obedience (6-week course)​​
  • Monday, July 13 @ 6:30 pm
  • Wednesday, July 15 @ 6:30 pm
  • Thursday, July 30 @ 6:30 pm
  • Cost: $275

Impulse Control (6-week course) 
  • Tuesday, July 7 @ 7:30 pm
  • Wednesday, July 8 @ 7:30 pm
  • Cost: $275

Please note, everyone in attendance will be required to wear a mask and participation is limited to 2 family member per dog in order to keep class size small and reduce risk.

For more information and complete course descriptions, visit our Training website page or to sign up for classes by clicking the REGISTER link below.

Regular Brushing Tips

Brushing your dog on a regular basis will help remove mats, keep their coat looking good, reduce shedding, and allow for close inspection of your pet's skin for unusual bumps and parasites.

Using the right brush for your pet's coat is important. For helpful information on the right brush to use, check out our YouTube video here.

Regular brushing can also help your dog be comfortable with their grooming day at the clinic.

To schedule your pet's grooming day, call (205) 967-7383.
Pet Picture of the Month
Over 18 months ago Buddy was diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) of his neck. As you can see in the video from January 2019, he was unable to walk upright on his front legs. Thanks to physical therapy with Dr. Foster and Buddy's determination, he was able to strengthen his legs and make significant improvement. Today, Buddy is still doing great, now walking on all four paws. Good boy Buddy!

If your pet could benefit from physical therapy services - we can help. For more information or to set an appointment for an evaluation, call 205-967-7383.
Here is Buddy today and his outstanding improvement.
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