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July 11th, 2017




or call Sheron at 970 626-9747 (cell) 970 708-8030




FOR THOSE WHO MUST HAVE A NO-SHED PUPPY BECAUSE THEY HAVE ALLERGIES: As noted on our website, some people cannot have a dog, because they are allergic to all dogs; they are allergic to Poodles and to hairless dogs, too, and "hypoallergenic" Doodles. If there is someone in your family whom you suspect may be allergic to dogs, a hypoallergenic pup may be the answer. Sometimes no-shed is the best answer, but not always. Sometimes allergies to dogs are breed-specific. Please talk with your doctor before adopting a puppy of any breed or level of no-shed or hypoallergenic qualities.

The following LOWER-SHED DOODLE PUPS WILL BE READY TO GO TO NEW HOMES ON JULY 15--THIS SATURDAY. Puppies are in Glenwood Springs, and those who have purchased or who will purchase a pup will be notified of time and place for puppy pick-up. Please call me if you are interested in one of these puppies. There are only two puppies available; both are tri-colors.

Photo 1 is of Charleigh (female) AVAILABLE AND $1800

Photos 2 is of Murphy (male)      AVAILABLE AND $1800

Photos 3 is of Pepe (bright blue-eyed female Guardian). We THINK our Pepe is placed in a wonderful Guardian home; look for her pups in the misty future. IF AVAILABLE, SHE IS $1000 W/ 2-LITTER BREEDING AGREEMENT

Photo 4: Uhura's photo is also attached. She is our no-shed, perfect (loving, obedient, beautiful, soft...just perfect) Doodle Guardian female. Pups are expected to be 40-45 lb. as adults. It's easy to say that this litter is guaranteed for temperament, genetic soundness, and health.


AKC JONTUE'S F1b LITTER with RUMI WYLDFYR will be ready for new homes on July 29 (or a day or so earlier). XANADU tries to arrange puppy pick-up dates that include a weekend for easy puppy pick-up for working persons, but some birth dates make that more difficult. Arrangements for pick-up will be made at a later time, AND purchasers will, of course, be informed. These puppies are in West Pueblo. Pups are eating Nutrina Royal Life Puppy formula.


This is another super-dog litter: Expect marvelous, happy temperaments, SOUND genetics, and great health--guaranteed. All of the puppies are very curious and love interaction with people and of course, puppy play with siblings. Also, ALL have very nice coats. Descriptions by the Guardian follow.



Photo 5--Pup #1 is our Guardian (purple-collar) Female, and she is AVAILABLE (at this moment)

Guardian Linda's Notes-- Purple collar — female RED. She is smaller in size, has curlier/wavy hair, and more white on her head than the other female.  However, her nose is not completely black. She is delightful!  She’s curious, plays with toys, initiates interaction with other pups and loves human interaction. Overall great gal.


Photo 6--Pup #2 is a lovely no-shed SMALLEST in the litter apricot female. AVAILABLE

Guardian Notes-- No collar — female   Red/tan This is the littlest of the pups. Nothing fazes her!  She plays and can take on any of the other pups, holding her own.  Not aggressive, but loves to play.  Loves human interaction.  Super personality!



Photo 7--Pup #3 is Jontue's apricot no-shed male, and he is AVAILABLE and could be selected as a Litter Pick Male

Guardian Notes-- Light blue collar — male; lighter red.  Not as much white on face, but lots of white on his belly. Happy boy — likes to play and loves human interaction.


Photo 8--Pup #4 is another no-shed male; dark blue collar; could also be chosen as a Litter Pick Male AVAILABLE

Guardian Notes-- Dark blue collar — male; medium apricot; Good personality — interacts well with others and likes human interaction.  Happy boy!


Photo 9--Pup #5 is a no-shed beautiful male, apricot w/ white socks, chest blaze and kiss-target on his head. AVAILABLE

Guardian Notes-- Brown collar — male apricot; Great personality — interacts well with others and seeks out human interaction.  Happy boy!


Photo 10--ALL puppies; photo from today. Snack after bath

Guardian Female
Apricot Female
Litter Pick Male (Pup #3)
Litter Pick Male (Pup #4)
Pup #5

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NEW GOBERIAN PUPPY OWNERS. Puppy pick-up is on Saturday, the 15th of June in Glenwood Springs. All puppies will go home on that date--or go home with me to XANADU for pick-up. PLEASE NOTE ATTACHED SUPPLY LIST FOR NEW PUP OWNERS AND HOUSE TRAINING NOTES. Also, if you have not received puppy pick-up information for Uhura's litter, please call me. Others, please note that there are still puppies available from this litter; photos on previous email.  


Those who have POSTPONED GOBERIAN PUP SELECTION can contact me for selection as new Pup Alert email notices are received; please be especially vigilant if you are waiting for a puppy from Eve's litter with UberKhan. (Note: Erika N. Einboots...Erika, my email to you regarding Goberian puppy selection was returned to me and I don't have a phone number for you. Please call me at 970 708-8030, and thank you!) Also note that our Excel spreadsheet isn't perfect just yet; keep in close contact with XANADU.


Note also that the problem with waiting for a particular litter is the possibility of a breeding failure. And that is so very disappointing after a long wait for a particular hybrid in a particular litter. When we feel confident about a particular breeding, it will be announced, as will veterinary confirmations of pregnancy, and of course, births and celebration!


RECOMMENDED by one of XANADU'S clients who just got a (lucky) XANADU puppy:

This company produces various CDs for dogs and cats' listening pleasure: calming, bonding, separation anxiety, etc. Thank you, Dr. K!

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