Goberian Pup Alert
July 12th, 2017
Featuring ULURU & PUP CHARMING'S Puppies

Dear All...
Mandi is on the front line to answer emails for pup inquiries at XanaduPack@gmail.com, but after preliminaries, and when you have questions about a purchase, please call me--home number or cell phone. Often I'm on the road with the biz. I don't text and email is not always accessible--or the email list is very long, and it takes a long time to respond. But I do want to hear from you when you need to talk about your new puppy.

THIS PUP ALERT EMAIL contains information and photos of Goberian puppies. Two (possibly three) puppies are currently AVAILABLE from Uhura's litter. If you are interested in one of these puppies, please call XANADU now (photos follow, 1-3).

Please Note that with the advertising of each new Goberian litter, XANADU personnel will follow our deposits-submitted-dates for invitations to select a puppy. If you have previously been contacted by phone or email (or both) regarding your turn for pup selection, and if you did not reply or if you deferred selection of a Goberian pup in favor of a later Goberian litter, you will need to contact XANADU when you see the puppy you love and want. REMEMBER to contact XANADU as soon as our Pup Alert is published, because pups are being offered to others who are in line for selection of a little Goberian pup.

Persons who have not been contacted previously and are next in line for Goberian pup selection include:
Elise Cr
Jason Re
Alex Ba
Rebecca Wa
Jacob & Pam Ne
Peter Ver

IF you have already requested a Guardian Home Puppy or IF you are in line for a Male or Female Litter Pick in Uluru's Litter, please call me. AFTER speaking with those who are considering Litter Pick puppies have made their selections, Pet Home Puppies will be placed...and then we will move on to the next litters. We are not ready for pup selection for Eve and UberKhan's litter.

Puppies from other hybrid / multigenerational litters--Pomskies, GoldenDoodles, BerneDoodles, etc. may be purchased outright. There are no wait-lists for these puppies.

Puppies cannot be held without a deposit and complete payment is due when puppies are six-weeks old. So, here we go with ....

Goberian Puppies that are AVAILABLE

UHURA'S LITTER BY AKC Siberian Husky, Saint / Rommy (for Pepe):
DOB: 21 May 2017
Full Payment Due
Puppies Go Home on 15 July
Pet Home Male is $1800
Guardian Female is $1000 with Breeding Agreement--and yes, the Guardian pups MUST go to Guardian Homes, so our lineages can improve litter by litter. Please see Attached Guardian Information.

1. Coal, Pet Home Male:  Coal is a black male with white feet and brown eyes. He is  a calm boy with a gorgeous coat. Because Coal has already been advertised, he is AVAILABLE. Please call me immediately if you are interested. Coal and his littermates will be going to new homes on Saturday, July 15.

2. Pepe GUARDIAN FEMALEMiss Pepe is the Guardian female from Uhura & Rommy. She is basically a dark silver / white w/ intense Blue Eyes. Two-litter Breeding Agreement. She is $1000 and AVAILABLE. Please call, if interested. Guardian Information Attached.

3. Cash GUARDIAN FEMALE: from Uhura & Saint. Cash has one Blue & one Green Eye, a mahogany coat with white shoes and socks. Marvelous coat; gorgeous girl. Two-litter Breeding Agreement. She is $1000 and AVAILABLE. Please call, if interested. Guardian Information Attached.


GOBERIAN PUPPIES... (Blue-Merle) ULURU'S beautiful litter with GOBERIAN Pup Charming

These Goberians will be slightly smaller than the average, because Uluru is smaller. This is an exceptional litter, and I have offered a puppy from this litter to my grandchildren.
DOB: 5 May
Final Payments Due: 17 July
Puppies Go Home: 29 July (Final Arrangements have not been made)

1. GUARDIAN FEMALE: Cream & white female / Blue Eyes

2. LITTER PICK FEMALE: Available for selection. The Litter Pick female can be any female, except the Guardian. Photos of female puppies are shown in Photos 2 - 4. The brown / white female has Blue Eyes

3. & 4. TWO PET HOME FEMALES: Available for selection after the Litter Pick Pup has been selected.

5. LITTER PICK MALE: Available for selection. The Litter Pick male can be any male. Photos of male puppies are shown in Photos 5 - 7. The cream & white male has Blue Eyes; also, the brown & white male has Blue Eyes; other pups have brown  eyes.  

6. & 7. PET HOME MALES: These puppies are available for selection after  the Litter Pick male has been selected.

Guardian Female
Litter Pick Female
Per Home Female
Per Home Female
Litter Pick Male
Pet Home Male
Pet Home Male

Please see links above for:

  • Supplies for New Pup Owners
  • Housetraining
  • Airport to Home
  • Guardian Information

Thank you all, and my best,

Sheron Steele, XANADU of the Rockies Proprietress
970 626-9747
970 708-8030
(no texts or emails unless email information is requested, and thank you!)

Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD
Xanadu Dogs, LLC

615 Canyon Drive, Log Hill Mesa
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Home Phone: 970-626-9747
Cell Phone (when traveling): 970-708-8030