October 19th, 2017
This Pup Alert newsletter will be brief and will feature:
  • Enchante's Litter of F1b GOBERIAN Pups by beautiful Elvis Jr.
  • Mishka's POMSKY Litter by Wolf
  • (NB: Zoe's Litter by Paz will be featured in the next Pup Alert newsletter. This litter will be a Holiday-Ready Litter)

If you are interested in a puppy from Enchante' or from Mishka's litters, PLEASE CALL ME at (home & XANADU H.Q.) 970 626-9747 or (cell) 970 708-8030. It is a very busy time here at XANADU of the Rockies, and I don't always get around to emails on a daily basis. No texts or messaging, please. It's disappointing when the puppy that you want gets away, so you are always welcome to call me, so I can answer your questions immediately and you can reserve your pup quickly--and without waiting for me to catch up with my emailing on a busy day.

Both Enchante's Goberian puppies AND Mishka's Pomsky pups are remarkable in that these are CALM litters--especially unusual for the Pomsky--which can be barky and bouncy. These puppies are the calmest we've ever seen here at XANADU -- I am SO SURPRISED! Both of these litters are "last litters" for these XANADU females.
AVAILABLE Guardian female puppy (Two photos showing the quality of her blue eyes). This is an extremely sweet, calm little female who is a darker cream/light apricot color.
She is $1250, and has a two-litter breeding agreement. Please see attached Guardian Information. Our Guardian female's payment is due now through the PayPal website: www.PayPal.com. Please use my email address for payment: sheron.steele@gmail.com.
Enchante's pups will go home between Oct. 27 and 29th.

The Guardian Information document is a self-check as well as a description of how XANADU'S Guardian Program works. In reading the Guardian Information, you
will be able to see if you qualify for Guardianship of a XANADU puppy. You will have many questions, and of course, we'll need to talk.

3 AVAILABLE Pet Home male puppies from Enchante's litter Two photos are attached of representative pups that look very much alike. Puppies will be selected in the order payments are submitted (See "Making a Deposit/Payment" document attached). All of our males are brown-eyed; all are shades of cream/light apricot; all are very sweet pups that are smart, easily-trained, have (unusual) common sense and alertness, are beautiful, expected to have beautiful medium-length coats, be great service dog candidates, be very good with children, be standard sized (50-55 lb.) etc. -- all characteristic of the F1b Goberian puppies.

Pet Home puppies with brown eyes are $2150. Payable now through the PayPal website: www.PayPal.com. Please use my email address for payment: sheron.steele@gmail.com.
Puppies will go to new homes between 27 and 29 October. 

Mishka and Wolf had a very small litter of little Pomskies -- only three little pups. The female of the litter is AVAILABLE, and she is a beautiful little girl who is just about square! She has the fluffiest coat and of these three exceptionally calm pups, she is the most likely to explore or start a puppy game with her litter mates. Three photos of this tiny girl are attached. XANADU does not expect another Pomsky litter until 2018--not before April or so, and they will become increasingly rare. Female POMSKY Pup -- $2150 Deposit of $400 can be made through the www.xanadoodle website. There is a PayPal button on our Available Puppies page. Balance of $1750 will be due on Oct. 24 -- or you can make one initial payment of $2150 through the PayPal website: www.PayPal.com. Please use my email address for payment: sheron.steele@gmail.com.

Mishka's litter will go to new homes on the 3rd - 5th of November.
Photos are also attached of the two males that have been sold. The first photo is of the Guardian Male, and the second is of the Pet Home Male. 
SHIPPING: If you need Shipping for your new pup, that price is in addition to your puppy's price and, for United Pet Safe Cargo, is $475. You can also pay for shipping -- United PetSafe Air Cargo shipping at the time you pay the balance for your puppy. Just add $475 to your balance. Please use my email address for PayPal.com payments: sheron.steele@gmail.com whether you make one inclusive payment or pay for shipping separately.

XANADU of the Rockies will make reservations for your puppy immediately after other puppies have gone to new homes.

I recommend an increasingly common practice: Fly into the Montrose, CO airport (MTJ) and pick up your pup. I can deliver to the Montrose airport, and puppy can fly home with you in the cabin of the aircraft. Depending on the airline carrier used, puppy may need an airline flight check. The cost from the Montrose Airport (MTJ) is $125 and includes the vet flight check-up and government paperwork.

It is also pleasant to reserve a motel room, fly (or drive) in one day, go skiing or to the hot springs, have a great dinner, a restful night at a local motel/hotel (book early), pick up puppy and fly (drive) home the next day.

Attached is a Supply List for New Pup Owners and a House Training Guide. I especially like a book by the title, The Tao of Puppy by Krista Cantrell. This positive training manual for pups is available through Amazon.

Puppies from Enchante' and Mishka's litters have been eating Science Diet Puppy food. Science Diet Puppy food with the photo of the Beagle puppy on the bag has smaller-sized kibble. This puppy food would be more appropriate for Mishka's smaller pups. 
Thank you for your interest in a XANADU puppy! Remember that your call is welcome any time; I know that you will have many questions about your new puppy. We love our very calm XANADU Goberians and especially the Pomsky puppies of Oct. and Nov. 2017 

My very best,
Sheron Steele & Xanadu Pack o' Pups
Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD
Xanadu Dogs, LLC

615 Canyon Drive, Log Hill Mesa
Ridgway, CO 81432
Home Phone: 970-626-9747
Cell Phone (no texts):  970-708-8030