AVMLA Webinar - December 11, 3:00 PM ET

Nip Conflict in the Bud-
How to Skip Litigation & License Review
If you’d like to resolve your next business dispute amicably or at the very least, at a lower cost (emotionally and financially), you will want to attend our upcoming webinar. This webinar is complimentary to current AVMLA members and $45 for non-AVMLA Members.


Debra Hamilton, Esq ., an internationally recognized woman pioneer in the resolution of conflicts over animals and nationally acclaimed author of “Nipped In The Bud, Not In The Butt – How To Use Mediation To Resolve Conflicts Over Animals”, will be talking to us about a couple of techniques she uses that have proven successful in working out mutually satisfactory solutions, even in the toughest of situations:

Stop, Drop and Roll – AKA – Address, Keep and Appreciate

Plus, Debra will also be taking a deep dive into the specifics of how veterinarians can nip conflict in the bud before it bites them on the butt, uncovering unconscious bias in heated situations, and how to respect everyone’s perspective and perceptions without compromising yourself and your ethics.
We are looking forward to your participation. If you have any specific questions that you would like to be addressed during the webinar, please send them to:  info@avmla.org .

Continuing Education Credit:
1 hour of Continuing Education Credit. Certificate of Completion will be available for all attendees. Please contact  info@avmla.org