The Anti-Violence Partnership has a number of innovative, exciting programs to support crime victims in Philadelphia. We're always looking for ways to contribute to our community and we know you are too. Monthly giving is a terrific way to support us.

Today, we're asking you, our generous donors, to visit our Donation Page and start a monthly donation of $10 or more. Please consider giving an amount that feels meaningful to you, whatever that may be.

Your $10 per month adds with everybody else's to create substantial change over time (i.e. sending therapists to trainings and conferences to learn how AVP can best serve victims of crime), but even taken on its own, that $10 is important. $10 buys two round-trip SEPTA passes for clients to get to and from therapy. It buys water for clients.It pays for the postage we need to send a dozen people letters and let them know help is out there and that we're ready to provide it. Monthly donations have a concrete, measurable impact, and we thank you for your help!