To Friends Of
Cave Creek Canyon


Elegant Trogon by Steve Wolfe
Taken in December on South Fork Cave Creek 
{Editor: thanks Steve, for maybe the best bird picture I have seen]


On Wednesday, December 27, 2017 Reed Peters, President and one of the founders of the Friends of Cave Creek Canyon
signed, on behalf of FOCCC,  a PARTICIPATING AGREEMENT with the U. S. Forest Service, part of the Department of Agriculture.

                                                                       This Agre ement will allow FOC CC  much greater lattitude in the operations of the Visitor Information Center. 


  • FOCCC will have much more flexibility in having events and interpretive activities.
  • We will be able to sell FOCCC t-shirts, hats, our book, and more.  There has always been great demand especially for the book at the Visitor Information Center.
  • We will be  able to expand our interpretive activities, such as nature walks, birdwalks, etc.
  • We can collect donations.
  • We will greatly expand our out reach to children.

We look forward to 2018 and all the new, exciting things to come in your Canyon and are proud the FOCCC can help - Reed

2017 Annual Meeting 
Geronimo Event Center

A wonderful and fun evening was held at the Geronimo Event Center [thanks to Bob and Sheri Ashley and the Chiricahua Desert Museum for their assistance].

A lot of socializing and eating went on, along with some interesting presentations.

A very nice donation from the Leuthold Foundation was announced.

We had a very spirited auction was held for a numb e r of items.  Three bidders raised the price for a customized painting by  Crystal Brown to $1500!!
Thank you Crystal for supporting FOCCC!

Overall we raised abut $3,500 that night, a record amount.  Those funds will go to support our plans for the VIC and the Canyon.  Thanks to all who participated.


2017 The Year of the Bear? 
It seemed like it whoever you talked with had a bear story.   The bears left the "calling card" lumps everywhere.  No bird feeder was saf

  Above by RoseAnn Rowlett

Unsure of source - sorry!  [Maybe Lori?]

Help The VIC!

The Cave Creek Canyon Visitor Information Center was built in 1924.  It has also been both the District ranger's home and has housed many rangers, before becoming a Visitor Center.

Over the decades the walkways have deteriorated extensively and are quite dangerous now.   Additionally, the paths and the walkways are not handicapped accessible and need to be raised with a hard surface applied.

In 2017, visitation at the Center is up more than 50%, with  about 7000 people visiting.   Many volunteers have donated over 3000 hours in total during 2017.

Every visitor is absolutely stunned with the magnificence of The Canyon and wants to learn more about it.  The VIC functions as their introduction to Cave Creek Canyon.

We need your help to repair the paths and walkways!    

Help Friends of Cave Creek Canyon  keep the Center open and safe by making a donation!

Thanks for your support.

Moon Over Cave Creek Canyon by Steve Wolfe, taken from the "VIC"

 Dec. 2017 by Steve Wolfe  Maple Camp, South Fork Cave Creek

Blue Grosbeak in Portal, Dec. 2017 by Steve Wolfe 

Letter from the President

Dear Frien ds of Cave Creek Canyon        

When I was buying something on Amazon the "amazon smile" program popped up, offering to donate ½ of 1 percent of all my future purchases to a charity of my choice.  Of course I put in the words Friends of Cave Creek Canyon, and that was it!  They know about it, I confirmed it with a click, and we were done.  If you're an Amazon shopper please consider making the Friends the recipient of Amazon's donations.
We are now receiving total donations from Amazon at the rate of about $200 annually.  We appreciate you support!
Thank you, Reed Peters,


FOCCC 2017 Officers and Board

Reed Peters         President                                            Other Board Members  
Sheri Ashley        Vice President                           Bob Ashley     Wynne Brown  
Mike Williams      Vice President 
                       Alan Craig     Rene Donaldson
Rick Beno 
Rolf Koford         Kim Vacariu
Stevie Wayman    Secretary
  Cecil Williams




Friends Of Cave Creek Canyon
PO Box 16126
Portal, Arizona 85632


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Thanks to our "Sustainer's Circle" members 
for their generous support:  
Tom Arny, Bob and Bettina Arrigoni, Nancy and Thomas Denney, Mary George, Renata Golden, Bill and Sally Hague, Paul Hirt and Linda Jakse, Don Hollister, Ken Jenkins, Leuthold Family Foundation,  Barbara Lounsbery,  Patrick McNamara, John and Karin McQuillan, Barbara and Pete Miller, Patricia Parran, CeCe Raak, Tom Roseman and Paula Baldwin, Delia Scholes, Donald and Martha Squire and Bob and Sherry Zoellick.

Please support our Business Members  who  have given generously to Friends Of Cave Creek Canyon.  Without their assistance, we would be hard pressed to accomplish our goals. Click on their names to check out their websites.    
                 Cave Creek Ranch                           Chiricahua Desert Museum
             Naturalist Journeys, LLC                                   Orchid Davis   
                 Sky Island Rolfing                                           Wynne Brown 
                  Chiricahua Gallery             
               Mark and Lori Conrad                            Ed Newbold Wildlife Artist
                     Quailway Cottage                                    Sky Island Lodge
                   Rodeo Tavern                                     The George Walker House                       Painted Pony Resort                             Portal Peak Store and Lodge
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