AWSS Beef eNEWS | April 2019
Breeding Season Planning
Breeding season begins before you gather your herd to start breeding. A sound Nutrition plan should include monitoring cows and first calf heifers to calve at Body Condition Score (BCS) 6. Heifers should be at 65% of mature weight by breeding. All animals should have adequate mineral supplementation and be on an upward plane of nutrition through breeding season... Read More
Capitalist Popular this Spring
7AN351 CONNEALY CAPITALIST 028 is a worldwide sensation for siring superior phenotype and maternally oriented daughters is followed by his maternal grandson 7AN544 44 MAIN STREET 7049 who combines the two most prominent cow families in the 44 Farms program with 44... Read More
Calving Ease Angus Sires to use this Spring
14AN427 CONNEALY STINGRAY 9618 is a proven Calving Ease, ranking in the top 4 percent of breed for both CED and BW and 7AN525 SPRING COVE COMPOUND 12E is an elite Calving Ease sire with a lot of performance and end-product value... Read More
Improve Reproductive Efficiency in your herd
Getting the most out of your reproduction program is vital in today’s cattle industry. Recently developed synchronization systems for cows and heifers are more reliable, more productive and more profitable than ever before. Synchronizing cattle reduces costs, saves labor and adds value to both your breeding animals and the calves you produce, generating rewards that mean greater profit potential... Read More
genderSELECTed semen available
7AN388 SS NIAGARA Z29 has been established as a go-to sire for high performance sons and daughters while 7AN363 MCR HORIZON 081 is one of a few bulls that can provide CED, growth, carcass bonuses and improvements for $W and $B... Read More
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