AWSS Beef eNEWS | January 2021
Spring 2021 Beef Sire Directory Available Now! 
Sires of the New Year!
With so many sires to choose from in our new Spring 2021 Beef Sire Directory, it can be tough to narrow it down to your herd sires for the upcoming breeding season. You cannot go wrong with any of our sires, but we caught up with All West Beef Large Herd Specialist, Clint Sexson, to give you further insight about a few All West Territory... Read More!
Evaluating Body Condition of Beef Cows
Body condition scores (BCS) have long been a tool for evaluating fat reserves in beef cattle. With producers often lacking the ability to weigh their cows, this management tool offers a simple, visually-based solution that will help boost the performance and profit potential of the cow herd...Read More!
What's in Their Tanks?
We have already shared our extensive Spring 2021 Beef Sire Directory with you, but the best recommendations come from those who are filling semen tanks throughout All West Territory – our knowledgeable and dedicated All West Beef team members...Read More!
Breeding Project Success at Five Mary’s Farms
I have bred their cows at their well-known ranch in Northern California for several years, starting before I began working for All West Beef. I was introduced to them through Brian’s brother-in-law, Donald Doverspike. Donald and his brothers, along with his parents Mark and Susan, are owners of Hotchkiss Company in Burns, Oregon and All West Beef customers, as well...Read More!
Delivering More Marketing Opportunities
Historically, one of the challenges for the beef industry has been adding value to cattle. From the early days of cattle drives, to the advent of large feeding companies, the search for more profit was hard...Read More!
CONVERT™ Calf Care products are a special blend of naturally occurring direct-fed microorganisms, L-form bacteria and specialized proteins that are essential management tools for production and environmentally related challenges. Composed of naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria and other special ingredients, these products do not contain antibiotics and are proven to be safe and effective... Read More!
Around All West Beef
All West Independent Beef Sales Representatives and customers alike have been sharing their awesome breeding results with us. Take a look at what has been recently seen around All West Territory!"... Read More
Upcoming Artificial Insemination Training School!
Do your New Year goals include learning proper A.I. techniques from the industry’s best?! Whether you’re going back to the basics or just need a tune up, sign up for this upcoming Artificial Insemination Training School to learn with the University of Idaho Extension, Oregon State University, Select Sires MidAmerica and our very own All West Beef Program Manager, Morgan Johnsrud...Read More!
Celebrate our 80th Anniversary in 2021!
The year 2021 marks All West/Select Sires’ 80th anniversary of being a farmer-owned cooperative. Much has changed since 1941, but our goal of enhancing member-owner’s success through genetics has remained. Read More!
Red Bluff Bull & Gelding Sale 
All West/Select Sires is celebrating 80 years with the Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Sale! Just like All West Beef, this sale has been supporting ranchers and their success for the past 80 years. The tradition will carry on January 26-30, 2021! Visit their website here to learn more about several modifications being made to keep everyone safe during this year’s event. Best of luck to our customers, consignors, buyers and friends at the 2021 Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Sale! You can view the complete sale catalog here.