AWSS Beef eNEWS | July 2021
Select Sires’ Farmer-Owners Propose Unification for Sustainable Future
“The decision to unify is going to be a pivotal force for Select Sires. We have had a tremendous history of success, but we can’t lean on our laurels,” said Dorothy Harms, chairman, Select Sires Inc. board of directors. “We must move forward, look to the future and make changes to secure our position as the industry leader....Read More
Rory White Named General Manager/CEO of All West/Select Sires
The All West/Select Sires Board of Directors is pleased to announce Rory White of Turlock, California has been named General Manager/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the cooperative. His official start date in this new position is July 1, 2021 following the retirement of Jim Wells...Read More
Meet Our New Sires!
These sires were most recently released and semen is now available. Contact your All West Beef Representative to order any of these sires today!...Read More
Female Sexed Semen Available Read More
Angus Foot EPD Update
Recent updates to Angus EPDs were a good time to review data. There were not as many ‘big changes’ as some expected to see. Angus Foot EPDs are two traits where some sires in our lineup have changed since our 2021 directory was printed. Read More
Delivering More with Certified Angus Beef and Country Natural Beef
Are you looking for phenotype AND end product merit? Look no further than the brands that deliver MORE. Check out the sires in these videos who carry the Certified Angus Beef ® brand. Read More
Have you checked your liquid nitrogen tank?
As we approach the beginning of another month, Independent Beef Sales Representative Adrienne Lulay is here to give you a quick reminder about how to check this very important tool for A.I success!  Watch!
Looking to purchase a liquid nitrogen tank?
Are you unsure which tank to purchase or how to maintain it? That’s what we’re here for! All West Beef is a distributor of several different styles of tanks. Independent Beef Sales Representative Adrienne Lulay is here to share more information about what we have in our product inventory, as well as how to care for these tanks. Watch! 
What’s In Jeff’s Tank? 
He may be an All West Dairy Program Specialist, but Jeff Cochran is also one of our experienced Beef Sales Representatives! Jeff works in Oregon and Northern California evaluating dairy cows through the Select Mating Service program, doing direct herd sales, and manages quite a few beef breeding projects. Read More
Take a peek inside our mobile breeding barn!
All West Beef is DELIVERING MORE than the industry's leading genetics! We also bring you convenient facilities and a team of highly trained professional A.I. technicians, like Cris Hatch, shown here. Contact All West Beef today to have all of this and MORE delivered to your ranch next! Watch!
Beef producers have seen tremendous success using Convert Day-One Calf Gel
Use at birth or as a treatment to help calves deal with stress from disease, weather, or poor environment. Convert is a proactive, antibiotic-free method of preventing disease that works by boosting immune response on day one or treating sick calves early in life. Watch!
Fertility Verified
Superior fertility is about more than just what is inside the straw. Select Sires' commitment to semen quality is an all-encompassing effort and with that, we keep to our brand promise of "Your Success, Our Passion." Sires that meet our rigorous standards receive the Fertility Verified designation and are promoted as high fertility bulls! Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we showcase of our highest ranking fertility sires!