AWSS Beef eNEWS | July 2022

Three Keys for Successful Beef Cattle Artificial Insemination

Breeding productivity with artificial insemination (AI) has come a long way on U.S. cattle ranches. Advancements in technology and research show improvements in breeding results and confidence in AI across the country....Read More

7AN368 COMRADE Hits Half Million Mark 

Select Sires Inc. is excited to announce that 7AN368 Connealy COMRADE 1385 is the first beef sire in Select Sires’ history to reach 500,000 units sold.... Read More

New To The Herd

Select Sires Beef has added several new bulls to our Angus lineup since our last newsletter was delivered. We also have updated photos of several sires recently released ..Read More

What's In Their Tank?

Curious which sires an All West Beef Team member may advise you to use? Adrienne Lulay is sharing insight about a few of her current favorite bulls in her tank!...Read More

Hair Shedding: New Production EPD

As the weather starts to heat up leading into summer, it’s time to collect hair shedding scores! With early summer hair shedding being an indicator trait for heat tolerance and tolerance to fescue toxicosis, these records help predict environmental adaptability.....Read More

A Sire for Every Desire!

We recently caught up with All West Beef Large Herd Specialist Clint Sexson to learn more about the sires he has to offer the customers of All West Territory...Read More

Absolutely MARVELOUS Special: 7AN618 MARVEL 

7AN618 MARVEL heifers are different and unique from most modern show winners. They consistently have more hip and a wider pin set than many of the cattle winning today. Even with the extra power, they still have an elegant look and maintain their structural integrity. The 2022 show season is the first real showing of MARVEL offspring. They are already off to a great start and are creating lots of chatter on the tanbark. We are offering special pricing on all MARVEL semen during the week of Angus Junior Nationals!

Orders placed July 1st – July 10th will be priced as follows:

Conventional $25

Sexed Female 2M $40

Sexed Female 4M $80 

Order Now

How to Foot Score Cattle

This video shares guidelines and examples explaining how to properly foot score your cattle to improve accuracy of your genetic evaluation....Watch

How to Udder Score Cattle

This video shares guidelines and examples explaining how to properly udder score your cattle to improve accuracy of your genetic evaluation...Watch

Trust The Process: Benefits of A.I.

Our goal at Select Sires is to make our customers more profitable through the process of artificial insemination. With years of research and discipline, we offer a broad spectrum of genetics from carcass oriented sires to phenotype and function...Watch!

Beat the Heat with Bovine Accellyte

Summer heat is quickly approaching and maintaining health and reproduction is vital! Maximize reproductive performance and counter the negative effects of heat stress with BOVINE ACCELLYTE II! Bovine Accellyte II is a specialized electrolyte for periods of stress, rehydration and prehydration. It contains electrolytes to replace those lost during periods of stress, energy to provide an added boost and minerals and vitamins to compensate for deficiencies from reduced intakes. Ask your All West Representative about it today!  Read More

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