AWSS Beef eNEWS | March 2020
Capturing the Value of Artificial Insemination
Fixed-Time AI makes artificial insemination logistically feasible in commercial beef operations. We have examined several opportunities to capture value with AI in commercial beef operations... Read More
Estrotect™ Breeding Indicators
Pregnancy rates are influenced by a lot of things, but the biggest concern is catching your females in heat! Select Sires has been a long-time partner/promoter with the folks at Estrotect Breeding Indicators, and we feel like they provide an extremely good product. 
Top Ten Calving Ease Angus Sires
Most of our customers began their experience with A.I. in order to decrease the amount of dystocia and death loss while calving first-calf heifers. In addition to these benefits, they quickly realized the improved consistency and uniformity of their calf crops.. . Read More
Top Ten Weaning Weight Angus Sires
Weaning weight EPDs are used to evaluate differences in growth potential of calves and the milking ability of dams. ... Read More
Top Ten Marbling Angus Sires
When we differentiate between pounds of beef it comes down to taste and the value we put on it. Using elite bulls with highly heritable Marbling traits adds value. ... Read More
Top Ten Ribeye Area Angus Sires
Ribeye Area (REA) is the sole measure of muscle in a purebred animal’s Expected Progeny Difference (EPD) profile, unless you include collaborative measures like % Retail Product, Yield Grade, or some Indexes (which use REA in the formula). The absence of other muscle selectors is not for lack of trying... Read More
Improve Reproductive Efficiency in your herd
Getting the most out of your reproduction program is vital in today’s cattle industry. Recently developed synchronization systems for cows and heifers are more reliable, more productive and more profitable than ever before. Synchronizing cattle reduces costs, saves labor and adds value to both your breeding animals and the calves you produce, generating rewards that mean greater profit potential... Read More
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