AWSS Beef eNEWS | March 2022
Methods of Artificial Insemination with Clint Sexson
We would like to highlight some very good options you may consider and certainly encourage you to visit with any of our All West Beef Sales Representatives about these methods in depth... Read More
Measuring the Select Sires Semen Fertility Advantage
When selecting A.I. sires, search for high-accuracy, progeny-proven bulls, and begin that search using a 0.8 EPD accuracy search criteria for frontline performance traits such as birth weight, weaning weight and yearling weight, signifying presence of performance data. Then, from that narrowed search, they look at those with ultrasound and carcass records....Read More

Synchronization Protocols from the Pro’s
Interested in learning more about the synchronization protocols our All West Beef team can help you implement in your herd? Listen in as Dan Busch, Select Sires Beef Reproductive and Research Specialist and Jon Herrick, Select Sires Beef Sire Analyst discuss the 7 & 7 Synch Protocol on a recent episode of The Select Series.... Read More

Meet Our Newly Released Sires! 
7AN698 IRON HORSE, 7AN696 POWER ON, 7AN684 GUARD RAIL, 7HP127 CERTIFIED, 7AN689 INCENTIVE, 7SM128 FLAT IRON and 7AN700 HERO are the newest sires added to our lineup. ...Read More
Last Chance to Use Legendary Sire 7AN388 NIAGARA
NIAGARA progeny were favorites at the Indiana Bull Test where his get-of-sire won the gain test a total of four times – and one of his sons won the test as well. Many sons and daughters have worked in cow herds in every corner of the United States.l...Read More
Sale Success in All West Territory
Rain or shine… or even snow… our All West Beef team delivers the highest quality semen and service with a smile in every season! This season, our team has been particularly busy breeding herds throughout All West Territory and viewing impressive Select Sires Beef progeny....Read More

Seeing Results in Calving Season
Spring has arrived with changing weather throughout All West Territory. With this season comes the highly anticipated season of calving within your herds! Read More
Watch the 2022 Select Series
Have you tuned in to the 2022 Select Series? This series of informational videos from Select Sires Beef includes some of our most knowledgeable team members and valuable customers. You can watch a replay of any episode at your convenience on our All West Beef Facebook Page or the Select Sires Beef website