DIAMONDcuts eNEWS | April 2019
Changes in All West Communications
As dairy producers and member/owners of an A.I. cooperative, you are well aware that change is inevitable in this industry. Whether we have new young sires graduating in to our lineup, old legendary bulls retiring from their careers, fluctuating milk and feed prices, or the various weather each season brings, the one constant is that nothing stays the same forever... Read More
Select Sires Graduates 15 Daughter-Proven Sires
Select Sires Inc. graduated eleven Holsteins, three Jerseys and one Ayrshire into the cooperative’s diverse product lineups with the April sire summary. “We are dedicated to procuring and developing sires that fulfill a variety of market demands and maximize genetic... Read More
CHROME and GREG Dominate Rankings
The April 2019 sire summary evaluations reflected adjustments and changes from the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA) and the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB). Sires less than 90 for Breed Base Representation (BBR) are receiving Multi-Breed... Read More
Elite Offering Backed by Superior Fertility
Select Sires’ daughter-proven lineup offers customer-owners a diverse selection of genetics while focusing on balanced sires with profitable health and wellness traits and favorable fertility values. Index Leaders With more than 25 of the... Read More
Strong Young Sire Offering
Select Sires offers elite GTPI coupled with extreme production are 507HO14588 DIESEL (+2869 GTPI, +1,539 M), 507HO14229 TAHITI (+2837 GTPI, +2,033 M) and 507HO14451 BIG AL (+2835 GTPI, +1,338 M). 7HO14454 LIONEL ranks as Select’s top bull for pounds of milk (+2,575 M)... Read More
NxGEN Sire Offering to Maximize Genetic Goals
NxGEN™ is a membership program used to expedite the distribution of elite genetics from the Select Sires breeding program into the marketplace. NxGEN has been developed to continue protecting Select Sires’ ongoing investments for the long-term benefit of our... Read More
Excellent News for Gold Chip and Bradnick
Great news! Pictured are Holstein Association classifiers Brad Heinzman and Dan Cnossen stamping their approval of the committee’s decision on the following: At nearly 10-years-old, 7HO10999 Regancrest-GV S BRADNICK-ET and 7HO10920 Mr Chassity GOLD CHIP-ET earned... Read More
Calendar of Events

Apr. 26-27 Monroe, WA Evergreen Junior Dairy Show

May 27 Memorial Day – All Offices Closed 
Jun. 24-27 Appleton, WI  National Holstein Convention , Red Lion Paper Valley Hotel

Jun. 26-28 Turlock, CA All West Office and Warehouse closed for inventory count

Jun. 26-29 Saratoga, NY 2019 National Jersey Convention

July 4 Independence Day – All Offices Closed

July 8-10 Yakima, WA Pacific Northwest Dairy Youth Camp

July 12-28 Sacramento, CA California State Fair (Dairy Cattle: July 23-25) 

Sept. 2 Labor Day – All Offices Closed 

Oct. 1-5 Madison, WI World Dairy Expo

Nov. 1-4 Reno, NV National Angus Convention

Nov. 28 – Thanksgiving Day – All Offices Closed

Dec. 25 – Christmas Day – All Offices Closed


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