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I went to a Nashville Predators hockey game a few weeks ago and being a big hockey fan, was in that "sports daze" most of the game, just enjoying a great match-up with the Florida Panthers.  Most of the fans were quiet during the second period when it was still a 1-1 game.  The 20,000 people in attendance were so quiet that all you could hear was the sound of skates starting and stopping, the puck hitting sticks and the occasion glove catch by the goalie.  At one point, during this intense quiet, a fan yelled out (in true hockey fashion...and in a true Tennessee drawl) "Somebody hit somebody!"  Now to be fair, I'm not a fan of fighting at hockey games; I actually love the sport for the sport.  But it was pretty funny and it got the crowd all stirred up. Click Here for More

You know you have them, you just don't always know who they are. Cows that never get sick, produce well and breed right back. They may not set the world on fire in any one particular area, but overall profitable cows. In contrast are the cows we really remember . . . high producers, chronically high SCC, routine mastitis, sore feet, trouble calving, and oh yea let's not forget...Click Here For More

Recently retired Select Sires Holstein Program Manager, Charlie Will spent over four decades working to bring the world's best bulls to Select Sires customers.  He kicked off his world-renowned career with his first acquisition, 7HO1897 To-Mar BLACKSTAR, and throughout the next 43 years, he traveled to 21 countries spanning five continents to introduce and promote Select Sires genetics, and more importantly, to make a personal connection with every Select Sires customer he could. Click Here For More

Two of All West's highly respected SMS Evaluators, Lisa Barkley and Randy VanWieringen, travel the roads of western Oregon and parts of Washington, evaluating herds for All West.  Last year alone, these two evaluators looked at over 98,000 cows!  They've seen what works and what doesn't, so we thought it would be a great time to get their opinions on what they like.. Click Here For More

World Ag Expo brings a lot of people and attention to the California Central Valley every February as dairymen and industry alike catch up on the latest and greatest products/technologies available.

While that crowd is in town, the Kasbergen Family decided it would be exciting to bring everyone together for an elite Jersey and Holstein sale of epic status!  All West is proud to be a sponsor for The Kash-In on Valentine's Day Sale that represents many of our All West customers... Click Here For More

It's that time of year!  Weather, calving and moving animals can take a big toll...on all ages of cattle.  All West has produced a product that's specifically designed to keep animals healthy through these various stages of winter stress.  The easy-to-use Paste Plus keeps all ages of animals eating and their guts working, while adding a great boost of key vitamins and minerals. Click Here For More

New sire directories have been released following the December proof run!
Check out all the options you have for a profitable new 2018! (Click Here for more)

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