DIAMONDcuts eNEWS | July 2019
Humans of All West: Rene Meyers
 I was hired by Tom Olson and Lloyd Vierra to complete the set up of the accounting program that they purchased to run what was then known as   .. . Read More
On the Road with Kevin Jorgensen
With August Sire Summaries around the corner, I thought it might be better to share with you what I have had the opportunity to see in my recent travels rather than to make any predictions on what may happen on proof day, ... .Read More
New Jersey Wellness Traits    
The Jersey breed has seen rapid growth and genetic improvement over the past couple of decades. The breed known for higher fertility, above-average component percentages, and increased longevity always has progressive owners looking ahead for the next edge in genetic improvement. ! .. . .Read More
Luke Wolfisberg Attends Jersey Youth Academy
How’s it going, All West? I took a mid-July week-long hiatus from my internship to attend the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA) sixth Jersey Youth Academy, in Columbus, Ohio. The AJCA selects 36 college and high school students from around the nation ... .Read More
Why OGP? Red Top Jerseys Explains

As the industry has changed and cattle prices have declined, Chris and his team are looking towards the future, specifically, how to create the most efficient inventory of replacements. With the help of the All West team and our Optimal Genetic Pathways Calculator, Red Top Jerseys  . .. Read More
August 2019 Dairy Proof Schedule
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Monday, August 12
  • Official Holstein/CDCB/HA genomic evaluation for type data on April 2019 lineup bulls, genomic young sires and potential graduates
Tuesday, August 13
  • Official production and type data - all summaries for April 2019 lineup bulls and potential graduates available mid-morning
  • August 2019 genomic young sires and FertilityPRO TM and Fertility Force sires listing available mid-morning
Wednesday, August 14
  • National Select Sires pricing completed by mid-afternoon
Thursday, August 15
  • Official Top 100 TPI Sires list available on Holstein USA website at
Friday, August 16
Following Week
  • Holstein Sire Directory, High-Components Breeds Sire Directory and New Graduate Comments from Select Sires Inc. Sire Department available 
Calendar of Events
Sept. 2 Labor Day – All Offices Closed 
Sept. 14-19 Harrisburg, PA All-American Dairy Show
Oct. 1-5 Madison, WI World Dairy Expo
 Nov. 1-4 Reno, NV National Angus Convention
Nov. 28 – Thanksgiving Day – All Offices Closed
Dec. 25 – Christmas Day – All Offices Closed
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