DIAMONDcuts eNEWS   -   May 2018

If you're a fan of horse racing, you know that the greatest season is upon us; the running of three, distinct races to ultimately win the Triple Crown.  The first race, usually the largest, is the Kentucky Derby.  Loaded with traditions, fun, tours, parties, and of course hats, this race is one of the most publicized sporting events of the entire year.  The week leading up to the Derby has all kinds of events, side races, farm tours...you name it.  Everyone is playing and every horse with a decent track history is racing.  The field is wide open   Read More  ...

Trent started genomic testing every animal at weaning, almost five years ago, and now has a herd that is almost all genomic tested. "My breeding philosophy has changed a little because of this technology. I now breed the lower end of my virgin heifers to beef, and the higher end to sexed semen, which is something I never thought I would do! I wasn't comfortable making a decision to breed an animal that I thought wasn't going to be as productive as others to beef and I wasn't even confident that I was going to get animals pregnant using sexed semen!".

Select Sires continues their commitment to customer-owner success with the introduction of the Elite Sexed Fertility product line. Beginning this April, we're identifying sires with superior fertility sex-sorted semen using an Elite Sexed Fertility designation. Data analysis and implementation at Select Sires has contributed extensively in research efforts, leading to improvements in fertility potential of sex-sorted semen. Read More...

The 18th Annual North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge (NAIDC) was once again hosted in All West Territory's Visalia, California on April 12-14th, 2018. Over 230 determined dairy science students, representing over 35 universities from across the nation, traveled to the west coast to compete for the title of North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge National Champions. Read More...

May 12 Canby, OR Western Junior Jersey Spring Show and Sale - Clackamas County Fairgrounds
May 17-18 Richmond, UT Western Spring National Holstein Show, Judge Yan Jacobs
May 28 Memorial Day - All West offices closed
Jun. 1-2 San Luis Obispo, CA Cal Poly Classic Sale
Jun. 24-30 Canton, OH 21st Int'l Conference of World Jersey Cattle Bureau and Annual Meetings
Jun. 27-29 Deming, WA All West/Select Sires A.I. Training School instructed by Larry Nootenboom
Jun. 29-Jul. 3 Traverse City, MI National Holstein Convention
July 4 Independence Day - All West offices closed
Jul. 9-11 Reno, NV Western Video Market Sale, Nugget Casino Resort
Jul. 11-13 Grandview, WA Pacific Northwest Dairy Youth Camp
Jul. 13-29 Sacramento, CA California State Fair
Jul. 25-27 San Luis Obispo, CA California Cow Camp
Aug. 6 Ridgefield, WA Washington State Black & White Show, Clark County Fairgrounds
Aug. 7 Sire Summary Release Date
Sep. 1 Salem, OR Western Fall National Holstein Show, Judge Pat Conroy from Angola, IN
Sept. 3 Labor Day - All West offices closed
Oct. 2-6 Madison, WI World Dairy Expo
Oct. 12 Pismo Beach, CA Teixeira Cattle Co. Sale by the Sea, hosted by Thousand Hills Ranch
Nov. 13-15 Indianapolis, IN DCRC Annual Meeting at the Westin
Nov. 22-23 Thanksgiving - All West offices closed
Dec. 4 Sire Summary Release Date
Dec. 25 Christmas Day - All West offices closed

During Summer Heat: - Improve Dry Matter Intake - Maintain Reproductive Efficiency - Maximize milk & butterfat production. Read More...

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