DIAMONDcuts eNEWS      -       November 2015
Jim Wells, CEO, All West/Select Sires
"Should I stay or should I go?" 

Some of you might remember this great song by The Clash that came out a few years ago. As we get ready to put the finishing touches on the year 2015 at All West/Select Sires, we can't help but ask this question because in all reality, it's been a GREAT year at All West!

The Jersey Revolution continues to roll on, and this year we saw significant growth in member/owner use of River Valley sires with the 7JE5000 series. The pedigree power and diversity that the River Valley lineup brings to Select Sires has been second to none, and continues to impress breeders of all types. 

And we congratulate our River Valley partners on their recent success at the 2015 All American Jersey Show - 7 cows in the top 4; 10 cows in the top 7; and Premier Exhibitor!

Just this month, Select Sires revealed even more Jersey Revolution power with the announcement of a partnership with Jerseyland Sires.

Kevin Jorgensen, Select Sires, Inc.
December 2015 Potential Graduate summary
Happy holidays to all my friends in the west!  Select Sires has already had two fantastic sire summaries in 2016, and December should be an early Christmas present for members of the cooperative as well!  We anticipate another outstanding graduating class as well as the most exciting group of new genomic young sires we have ever released!  Here are a few of the most likely graduates as well as a quick summary of the new genomic young bulls.

It's the most wonderful time of the year ---

New December proofs are right around the corner (Tuesday, December 1) so we're giving you all the details of information distribution that you'll need to know! Click Here for Proof Schedule
Also - with the arrival of proofs come the arrival of some other fun material

- The new 2016 All West 75th Anniversary calendars are here! Contact your All West representative or call the office to get your copy!

- The 2016 beef wall calendars are in, along with the 2016 red pocket calendars!


Continued Growth in the Select Sires family

Welcome Jerseyland Sires!
For 50 years, it's been about family.  The foundation of Select Sires has always rested squarely on the shoulders of people working together as a family.  In this anniversary year of Select Sires Inc., it's been enjoyable to watch all the celebrations of bull milestones and how they've impacted the industry.  What has been the underlying theme of those celebrations is the people who have brought exceptional genetics to the table for producers around the globe to benefit from.  People who have lived and breathed to make sure Select Sires continued on a successful path.  People who have worked collectively to develop a vision for the future.   Continue Reading

Family Matters
  It's a rainy morning at Fern's restaurant in Tillamook.  In fact it's been raining for about 24 hours when I catch up with Joe and Scott Rocha for coffee.  The father-son duo were finished with chores and were thankful for a dry, warm break!  Joe and his wife Sarah, along with their four boys - Grant, Scott, Brent and Blake, operate R&R Dairy in northwest Oregon, along with Joe's mother Jodi and nephew Ryan.  The 700-cow milking herd consists of Jerseys and Holsteins, but on this rainy fall day, it was the Jersey herd that brought us together. Continue Reading

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