Karen A. Knutsen, Director of Marketing & Communications, All West/Select Sires

Next week we will debut our new proof & price list cover that will feature a theme of "Chain reactions." We thought it was an appropriate tagline this time, because so much of what we do in the dairy industry sets off a chain reaction. We sometimes don't pay close enough attention, and before we know it, one quick decision can change a lot of things in a hurry. Things like forgetting to close the gate after a pen gets milked will definitely put into motion a series of negative chain reactions. Or not moving th e irrigation lines before the  chopper gets to the field could also lead to a negative chain reaction. Read More!

Happy Holidays to all my friends in the west!
Hopefully this season finds you well! Thanks very much for support of All-West Select Sires and Select  Sires Inc in 2017! We look forward to working with all of you in the new year!  We will find if Christmas comes early next Tuesday with the December sire summaries, but there will definitely  be some new stocking stuffers in the new genomic active sires and here are a few of those that will be  released with the new proofs. Read more!

You've heard of "Angie's List" haven't you?  It's a popular home service website that is basically an online directory for users to read about (and publish) reviews of local businesses and contractors.   All West is fortunate enough to have our own "Angie" and she's made a list of current recommendations that she's using for her customers, including proven and genomic young sires.  Angie is a fantastic SMS evaluator in central California.  Here are some of her picks this fall   Read More!

All West's Allan Hanselman believes there's a housing crisis, and it could be affecting you!  "One of the easiest things to neglect on a dairy is calf raising, and if you don't start your calves out on the right foot, they can't achieve their maximum potential as a milking animal!"  He's right, of course, and that's why it's exciting to offer All West customers the "Cadillac of calf housing" in our very popular Calf-Tel calf hutches. Read More!

When you can't get around to personally see a lot of daughters of bulls, you rely on your All West representative to let you know what's happening "out there."  We visited with four guys who see a lot of cows in their daily travels.  Here's what they like!   Read More!

Starting December 2017, the CDCB will publish the second Ayrshire haplotype affecting fertility. The publication of this important information for the Ayrshire breed is possible thanks to the research led by AGIL researches and the cooperation with CDN, who confirmed the preliminary results obtained in the US. Read More!

With proofs coming out next week, we realize that there might some shuffling in the rankings of Jersey proven and young bulls.  However, there's a group that we're pretty excited about right now and think you ought to keep these on your radar, if you're not already using them!   Read More!

The best part of interviewing Kelly Callahan was that he didn't have time for an interview.  It's true.  Besides owning and managing a dairy that milks 2600 cows near Royal City, Washington, Callahan also farms a bunch of ground, and it was time to chop corn.  So of course, sitting still for an interview with All West during fall harvest time was not something that could be scheduled.  Read More!

Students majoring in Dairy Science, Animal Science, Agriculture Business or Agricultural Communications who are familiar with the cattle industry are preferred. While juniors and seniors will be given preference, sophomores will also be considered. Applicants must submit an application, cover letter and resume with references no later than December 1, 2017. Read More!

The 4-1-1 on December Proofs
New sire summary information will be released next week! Here's a schedule of when information will be released and where you can find the latest information:

Monday, December 4
Official Holstein/CDCB/HA genomic evaluation for type data on August 2017 lineup bulls, genomic young sires and potential graduates released

Tuesday, December 5
Official production and type data - all summaries for August 2017 lineup bulls and potential graduates available about 7:00am (Pacific Standard Time)

"High Ranking Sire Report" TPIĀ® listing and JPITM listing available 

New Graduate pedigrees in pdf format available

National Mating Guides available

Wednesday, December 6
New proof & price list emailed to All West customers

Thursday, December 7
Official Top 100 TPI Sires list available  

New proof & price lists printed for distribution to All West customers

New graduate comments/photos posted 

Wednesday, December 13
New sire directories mailed to All West offices 

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