DIAMONDcuts eNEWS | November 2018
But…what do you SEE?

We’re in the middle of full-swing hunting season here, and my husband is in his glory. With three different licenses in three different states, he’s prepared for geese, deer and bear…and I have to admit, going with him has been fun. Not that I’m an expert shot by any means, but being in the woods, watching for the faintest of movements and just appreciating everything that you’re surrounded with is pretty cool . . . Read More
Missing in Action! – Have you seen these bulls?
Many times I have taken these opportunities to visit with you about what may happen with the upcoming sire summaries, but this time, I would like to familiarize you with some bulls already available! For some reason, they seem to be falling under the radar screen but are really too good to miss! We have used nearly every one as a sire father, so we, as a sire team, have great faith in them ...Read More
Jersey Preview
Hello all and I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! The Jersey Revolution continues to grow and sales through 10 months are on record pace for both Select Sires and All West! We appreciate everyone’s dedication to the little brown cow and we plan to continue to provide the genetics that are in demand... Read More
December 2018 Dairy Proof Schedule
Here’s the 4-1-1 on proof information being released December 4, 2018

Monday, December 3
Official Holstein/CDCB/HA genomic evaluation for TYPE data on August 2018 lineup bulls, genomic young sires and potential graduates

Tuesday, December 4
Official production and type data – all summaries for August 2018 lineup bulls and potential graduates available in the morning

December 2018 genomic young sires and FertilityPRO TM and Fertility Force sires listing available “High Ranking Sire Report” TPI ® listing available at http://www.holsteinusa.com/ and JPI TM  listing available at www.usjersey.com

Graduate pedigree and National Mating Guides available in the afternoon

Wednesday, December 5
Updated All West A2A2, aAa and DMS listings available at www.allwestselectsires.com
Thursday, December 6
Official Top 100 TPI Sires list available on Holstein USA website – at www.holsteinusa.com
New graduate comments available on all lineups

Monday, December 10
Printed copies of all price lists available in AWSS offices

Wednesday, December 12
Holstein Sire Directory, High-Components Breeds Sire Directory and comments on new graduates from sire dept. available
S ire Summary Changes
It’s continual work to make genetic proofs more accurate and more relevant, and with the upcoming evaluations next week, there are again a round of changes heading your way... Read More
One Stop Shop for Quality Genetics AND A2 Milk
Why are some producers becoming more interested in their herds producing this milk? World Wide Sires’ Genetic Director, Rebekah Mast, summed up her thoughts from her world travels, “At the end of the day, consumer demand will be a critical factor in the adoption of A2 milk. If the consumer believes that milk produced by A2 cows is superior and they are willing to pay more for it, the science behind it will not matter.”... Read More
Putting the “Pro” in ProTECH
We’ve been talking about the ProTECH training program at All West/Select Sires in previous issues of DIAMONDCuts and have highlighted many benefits of what the program can do. .. Read More
Beef Program: Word in the Herd Series
WATCH THE VIDEO> Adrienne Lulay describes how to find information in the Select Sires Beef Sire Directory... Read More
CowManager Basics: a quick tutorial
WATCH THE VIDEO> All West's Brett Mackay guides you through a CowManager user's simple routine... Read More
Tour of New Dairy Sire Selection Tool
WATCH THE VIDEO> Brian Coyne, Senior Business Analyst, Select Sires Inc., gives a brief overview of the new Dairy Sire Selection tool on the Select Sires and Accelerated Genetics websites...  Read More
Calendar of Events

Nov. 27-28 Sacramento CA  California Dairy Sustainability Summit , Sacramento Convention Center
Nov. 27-29 Reno, NV California Alfalfa & Forage Symposium
Nov. 27-29 Reno, NV Western Organic Dairy Producers Alliance Conference & Trade Show , Peppermill Resort Casino 
Nov. 28-30 Reno, NV 2018 California Cattlemen & Cattlewomen Annual Convention at the Nugget Casino Resort
Nov. 29-Dec.1 Bend, OR 2018  Oregon Cattlemens Association and Oregon Cattlewomen Annual Convention  at The Riverhouse on the Deschutes
Dec. 4 Sire Summary Release Date
Dec. 25 Christmas Day - All West offices closed

Jan. 22-26 Red Bluff, CA 2019 Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Sale
Feb. 6-8 Deming, WA All West A.I. Training School at Coldstream Farm LLC
Feb. 14-16 Lemoore, CA California State Holstein Convention , Tachi Palace
Feb. 14 Pixley, CA California Holstein Convention Sale , hosted by VanderEyk Dairy
Feb. 12-14 Tulare, CA  World Ag Expo
Feb. 26-28 Reno, NV  Western Dairy Management Conference  , Peppermill Resort
Mar. 1-3 Hanford, CA 2019 Western Classic Junior Dairy Show  
Apr. 2 Sire Summary Release Date 
April 18-19 Turlock, CA California State Holstein Show
Jun. 24-27 Appleton, WI  National Holstein Convention , Red Lion Paper Valley Hotel
Aug. 13 Sire Summary Release Date
Oct. 1-5 Madison, WI World Dairy Expo
Dec. 3 Sire Summary Release Date 
Online Sire Directories
Need additional information on our sire lineups? Check out the online directories for Select Sires Holsteins, High Component Breeds, and our exciting Accelerated Genetics bulls!  (Click Here for more)
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