DIAMONDcuts eNEWS | November 2019
Humans of All West: Rodney Paulo
What is your name and where are you from? Name: Rodney Paulo Hometown: Hanford, CA When did you start working for All West, what is your current title, and where do you work? Read More
2019 All West District Meeting Results
We’re happy to inform you that district elections for your All West/Select Sires Cooperative have successfully been completed this fall! Each of our 21 districts operate on a three-year rotation. This year, nine districts were up for re-election. The election process... Read More
Exciting Young Sires with Kevin Jorgensen
Happy Holidays from our Holstein lineup! The holiday season is especially busy for Select Sires Inc. Holstein Sire Analyst, Kevin Jorgensen,  ... Read More
Along the Jersey Road with Herby Lutz 
I hope all is well and everyone out West is having a great fall! Since my last DiamondCuts update in pre-proof August, a lot of excitement has occurred and what an incredible sire summary it was for the Jersey Revolution! In August 2019, we graduated the largest class of proven sires ever for the jersey program, with bulls at the top of every list! Although I doubt we can top that in December 2019.., Read More
Different Look. Same Great Sires!
Prior to December 2019, we produced two price lists: one including the Select Sires and GenerVations product lines, while the other featured the Accelerated Genetics lineup. Now, you can expect to find one inclusive price list in your mailbox, including all three product lines together! . Read More
CDCB Changes to Crossbred Evaluations - December 2019
Since the introduction of crossbred evaluations in April 2019, Breed Base Representation (BBR) is instrumental in determining the breed of evaluation of all animals. Until now, for F1 animals, the breed code of the animal ID determined the breed of ... Read More
December 2019 Dairy Proof Schedule
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Monday, December 2
  •  Official Holstein/CDCB/HA genomic evaluation for type data on December 2019 lineup bulls, genomic young sires and potential graduates
Tuesday, December 3
  •  Official production and type data - all summaries for December 2019 lineup bulls and potential graduates available mid-morning
  •  December 2019 genomic young sires and FertilityPRO TM and Fertility Force sires listing available mid-morning
Wednesday, December 4
  •  National Select Sires pricing completed by mid-afternoon
Thursday, December 5
Friday, December 6
Following Week
  •  Holstein Sire Directory, High-Components Breeds Sire Directory, New Graduate Comments from Select Sires Inc. Sire Department, and more information will be available! 
  Calendar of Events
Nov. 28-29 – Thanksgiving Holiday – All Offices Closed
Dec. 18-20 Turlock, CA All West Office Closed for Inventory Counting
Dec. 25 – Christmas Day – All Offices Closed
 Jan. 1 – New Year’s Day – All Offices Closed
Jan. 21-25 Red Bluff, CA Red Bluff Bull & Gelding Sale
Jan. 24-25 San Luis Obispo, California Holstein Association State Convention
Feb. 28-29 Seattle, WA All West/Select Sires Annual Meeting
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