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Like many of you, we as an All West family take some time at the end of each year to look back and realize how much we have to be grateful for. The year 2017 was a big year for us, with some family members retiring, others reaching milestones in their careers, and still others joining the team from throughout the U.S. We've introduced new ways for customers to evaluate and improve the efficiencies of their dairies through genetic auditing and new(er) traits like Dairy Wellness Profit dollars. (Click here for More) 

Worth a Second Look
What if you could predict how healthy and profitable your heifers will become? What if you had insights into their genetic risk for costly dairy industry diseases such as mastitis, lameness and metritis before they entered the milking herd? (Click here for more)

Genetic Audits with All West
My name is Amber LaSalle and I am the All West/Select Sires Sales and Genetics Intern. I am a fourth-year student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, where I major in Dairy Science, while minoring in Agricultural Communication. Originally, I was hired by Accelerated Genetics as their Sales and Service Intern. I was fortunate enough to have the All West cooperative take me on when Accelerated Genetics joined forces with Select Sires Inc. on July 1, 2017. (Click here for more)

All West A.I. School students learn the fine details of proper semen handling, as well as safety and environmental tips to make insemination procedures go smoothly.

When you work in the field of genetics, it's natural to get excited about the bulls and the "progress of the breed." But what's also exciting is to learn how those great bulls pass on their genetics to the next generation. Yes, that means how reliable each bull is and what traits they transmit more than others, but it also means the literal translation of that - how do you get cows bred? (Click here for more)

It's a great time of year if you like the holidays and changing weather and stressed animals! While most people do a good job of keeping their herds healthy throughout the winter, now is a great time to ask for a helping hand...in the form of Paste Plus! For all ages, for all situations....this is the gift that keeps on giving!

New sire directories have been released following the December proof run!
Check out all the options you have for a profitable new 2018! (Click Here for more)

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