September is almost here and apart from putting finishing touches here and there in Book 2 of the Unseen Blade. I’ve been extremely busy in preparation for the online book tour of The Unseen blade audiobook 1 of Serpent Heir, coming up between September 10 to 16 this year.
Basically, it's going to be a very busy month and I'll keep you updated about my plans before then.
Meanwhile, you can join me in this train of expanding our reach by sharing synopsis and reviews of The Unseen Blade audiobook one in your personal social media pages.
Please join us!
I’ve seen quite a large number of you in my fan base anticipating the release of book 2. Trust me it will be ready in no time and we’ll definitely continue the journey with Lucian Draco.
For those of you who listened to the audiobook 1 of The Unseen Blade, you'll agree with me that the stakes were raised and it was an intense book; one that pulled you into its magical spell and fantasy. The book 2 contains even more intrigues and it’s been quite demanding.
So far, I have already self-edited the first two acts and I’m about finishing the third. My editor Rebecca Becker is currently doing her first rounds of developmental and line editing. Hopefully, we'll be ready for beta reading by the beginning of November this year.
By then, I’ll be taking requests from everyone for the beta reading task. If you think you might be interested in beta reading for the unreleased Book 2 by November you can reach me on Facebook: Ambrose Z. Adams  or Twitter: @AmbroseZAdams . I’ll be glad to see your perspective, advice and suggestions about the upcoming book as a regular reader.
For those of you that haven’t ‘caught the bug yet’, this is the perfect time to catch up on the thrills before book 2 is released.
To access the Unseen Blade (Serpent’s Heir, Book 1), get your copy at Amazon here. Don’t forget to leave me your thought under the Customer Review section.
Ambrose Z. Adams