Abacus CPAs February & March 2017
by Teri Wingo
As an Owner Operator you should  know your company's financial roadmap - Similarly to how a GPS map indicates where you are going, Quarterly Tax Estimates provide you a financial roadmap for your business.  Utilizing Abacus CPAs to prepare your Quarterly Tax Estimates provides you the clearest pathway to your financial destination.
  1. Avoid Penalties & Interest - The days of allowing your employer to withhold and pay your taxes for you came to an end when you became your own boss. For self-employed individuals it is important to note that the IRS will charge penalties and interest if Quarterly Tax Estimates are not filed. Paying your taxes throughout the year (through quarterly estimates) will help you avoid costly penalties and interest.
  2. Pay the lowest amount of taxes possible - Allowing Abacus CPAs to calculate your tax estimates, based on actual revenue dollars less all your reported expenses, will result in the lowest possible tax estimate payments. The overall goal is to help you keep the most operating cash in your company by providing the most financially efficient tax estimate payment. 
  3. Estimated Tax payments - Due dates for 2017 Estimated tax payments
1 st payment ----- April 18 th 2017
2 nd payment ----- June 15 th 2017
3 rd payment ----- Sept 15 th  2017
4 th payment ----- Jan 16 th  2018
Contact Abacus CPA's, at 417.380.5000, for your next best step in preparing and filing your Quarterly Tax Estimates.   

by Shawn Koder
You may be asking yourself, when do I have to have my tax organizer completed and all tax documents submitted to Abacus CPAs in order to ensure that my taxes are filed by the April 18, 2017, deadline?
The filing deadline for the tax return is April 18, 2017. To ensure your return is filed by the deadline, please have all your information to us by March 21, 2017. If an extension of time is required, any tax due with this return must be paid with that extension. Any amounts not paid by the filing deadline of April 18, 2017, may be subject to interest and late payment penalties.
Included is a link to the Abacus website for you to download and/or print off the 2016 tax organizer. http://www.abacustrucking.com/  you will find the 2016 tax organizer at the bottom of the information page. Please cal l us at 417-380-5000 any questions.
On The Road Recipes!
by Cindy Abner 
Shepherd's Pie for the Crockpot

1 Pound lean ground beef                                   
1 can (10.75) condensed tomato soup
1 teaspoon garlic powder                        
½ teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon black pepper                                     
1 bag (11 oz) frozen vegetables
4 cups water                                                           
6 Tablespoons butter or margarine
2 pouches (4.7 oz each)                                       
1 ½ cups milk
Betty Crocker Homestyle Creamy butter Mashed Potatoes
In your electric skillet, brown the beef over medium heat.  Drain. Stir in soup, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Spread mixture evenly in bottom of your crockpot with liner. Top evenly with frozen vegetables.
Wipe out skillet and heat water and butter to a rapid boil. Turn off heat, stir in milk and dry potatoes until combined.  Let stand 1 minute then stir again. Spread over top of vegetables in crockpot.
Cover and cook on low setting for 4-5 hours until warm and veggies are thoroughly cooked. Sprinkle on fresh chopped herbs if you like.

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Cindy's Corner 
Tips from a former driver!

Beware the 'Winds' of March!
Did you know that March is the windiest month of the year? The windiest states include Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Iowa (all states I'm sure you've been through).  Generally, the Southeast states are the least windy. Average wind speeds are 9-13 mph, but that is just average and does not include gusts.
When available, pay attention to flags or windsocks. If they are flying straight out, be on your guard!  You may even rethink traveling, or at the very least, rethink your route. I have had friends blown onto their side in Utah from gusts out of nowhere.  It can go from 15 mph to 55 mph in a gust. Keep your tail to the wind and close the gap between the truck and trailer if you can, especially with lighter loads.
You may feel you have the "luck of the Irish" and it could never happen to you but it is better to be safe than sorry.  You don't want to end up on your side or blown into (or onto) another vehicle.
As always, be safe, and keep the shiny side up!
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