Abacus CPAs July 2016
It Takes Money to Make Money
by Karen Doman
We have all heard the saying "It takes money to make money," right?  As many of you in the Transportation Industry probably already know, that seems to be the case.  Your first trip to a big box store after you started at your new job as a driver probably ended with a long receipt of items such as laundry detergent, wet wipes, cleaning supplies and office supplies for your truck...and the list goes on.  What did you do with that receipt?  We hope you kept it! 
At Abacus CPAs we provide a service to our clients in the transportation industry that helps maintain your monthly expenses with a tool we call the Cash Expense Record. This form allows drivers to keep track of several different categories of expenses that are an important part of a drivers daily life. (lumpers, tolls, scales, operating supplies, etc.)
Let us empower you by providing Better Guidance so you can make Smarter Decisions. Please call us at 417.380-5000 and we'd be happy to show you how logging your expenses monthly will allow your expenses to work for you this coming tax season.

Send us your Expense Records Here: 
by Shawn Koder
Did you know, if you are a self-employed individual, you are required to make estimated tax payments if you expect to owe taxes of $1,000 or more?

For estimated tax purposes the year is divided into four payment periods.  If you have not paid enough tax by the due date, you may be charged a penalty.

For the period
January 1 - March 31, your payment is due April 18, 2016
April 1 - May 31, your payment is due June 15, 2016
June 1 - August 31, your payment is due September 15, 2016
September 1 - December 31, your payment is due Jan 17, 2017

Click the link below to go to the voucher needed to pay your Federal Estimate.  For your state (if your state has taxes), call our office and we'll send it to you!

On The Road Recipes!
by Cindy Abner  
You will need an 11" non-stick electric skillet (less than $20 at most retail stores - and be sure to keep your receipt, it's a business expense!). 
Quick and Easy Cashew Chicken  
1 cup Long Grain Rice
2 cups of Water
1/2 teaspoon of salt (one fast food packet)
1 tablespoon of vegetable oil or margarine
15 ounce can of chunk chicken breast
Lite Soy Sauce
1/4 cup of Cashew haves or pieces
1 green onion chopped (optional)
Directions: Combine rice, water, salt and margarine into skillet and bring to boil (250 degrees usually works when plugged into the invertor).  Once it boils reduce heat to 200 degrees and let simmer for 15 min then turn to low.  Drain the liquid from the chicken can and add chicken to the skillet.  Add cashews, green onion and soy sauce to taste.

Soooooo Funny!

We recently sent a client satisfaction survey and loved one of the comments so much we had to share it!  "You guys are always friendly... it's the taxes that are evil!"
Services Include

Tax Return Preparation
Quarterly Estimates
Strategic Growth Plans
Debt Structuring
LLC Formation
Registered Agent Services
Tax Problem-Resolution
Business Consulting
Audit Assurance
Financial Statements
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Tips from a former driver!
When choosing your lease truck, whatever you do, DON'T skimp on inspecting every single inch of it!  Look closely inside and out. Nothing is too insignificant not to write down and turn in!  Get very detailed because it could pay dividends when you turn your leased truck back in!

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If you call us this month, be sure to wish a special Happy Birthday to some of our hardworking staff!
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Please also keep our friends and colleagues, Rick and Cindy, in your prayers as both were injured in separate vehicle accidents last month.