Bom Dia!

Newsletter from Abi Read
Missionary, iReachAfrica Mozambique
2021 JUNE 2021
I can happily report two good developments since I last wrote: our pre-school has reopened and classes have been running for 5 weeks and each one of our teachers has received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The left image shows third-grade children in our after-school class. In this particular class, I have been hugely encouraged to see the progress with the children’s learning in Reading and Maths. The children consistently show great eagerness to learn and for most, they are able to segment and blend simple words as well as having made significant developments in mental math skills. Ivan teaches this class three times a week and I am excited to see how the children will continue to develop.

Also, throughout these past two months, some of our older children from the after-school program at our main site have received one-to-one reading support each week. We have seen improvement on letter formation and reading sounds because of this additional support. Great work by the kids and teachers!
New Uniforms
With the cooler months arriving here as well as the pre-school now being open, the preschool children received their ‘winter uniforms’ which included a top, trousers, knitted hat and a jumper. Here are some of our preschool children receiving their uniform.