Can an iPad transform a child's life?

It's an interesting question. We tend to think of iPads as electronic toys. Kids can play games on them, and many educational games are available for parents to support their children's intellectual growth, but did you know that for children with language processing disorders and other communicative disorders, an iPad becomes a communication tool and even provides opportunities for social growth?  Read More 

New Program Announcement!
By: Jane McClure

Having problems dealing with anxiety? We are very excited to introduce our new Anxiety Busters module! Our goal is to provide resources and strategies to help children and teens manage their anxiety in easy, healthy ways... Read More 

Yes You Can! Inspiration for those living with a disability
By: Chris Viola
A quick look in the dictionary under disability gave me the result 'the condition of being physically or mentally impaired'. This seems to give off the impression that those who have a disability are 'objectively worse' than those who don't... Read More