Parent Newsletter // October 9, 2019
Our Story in Exodus // The Wilderness Test
When the Israelites grumbled in the wilderness that they had no food to eat, the Lord provided bread from heaven. When they complained that they had no water to drink, He provided water—from a stone. How does this miraculous provision point us to the gospel? There is a gap between our sinfulness and God’s goodness to us. I am convinced that the more we understand how wide that gap was apart from Christ, the better off we will be.

When that gap is a small hop, God’s provision of water and bread isn’t that impressive, is it? Had Israel prayed earnestly and humbly when they were thirsty and hungry and God gave them water and food, we wouldn’t be that impressed with God’s goodness, would we? If we believe we were pretty good people in need of just a spiritual bandage, the gospel will never shine brightly in its full radiance and splendor.

But, if we see ourselves like Israel—grumbling, ungrateful, doubting people who deserved nothing but God’s judgment—the gospel shines brightly. It stirs our affections. It amazes us. That is what Paul is trying to convey in Romans 5:7-8. We would be hard-pressed to find someone willing to die for someone else—even a “good” person. And if we saw someone do that, we would be amazed. How much more should we be amazed that Jesus died for the sinful, wretched rebel that I was. And that you were, too.

Praying for you and your family!

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Adapted from The Gospel Project by Brian Dembowczyk
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