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As AbleLink turns 20 years old this fall, we are more excited than ever about the traction that Cognitive Support Technology is gaining in the wider Assistive Technology arena. So much is happening that it was a challenge to condense it all into a single newsletter!

Highlights in this edition include updated info on our WayFinder-based projects with the Accessible Transportation Technologies Research Initiative (ATTRI), new capabilities within our Endeavor Mobile Suite software, and new platforms for the CQL POST App.

As always, let us know what we can do for you as we advance the cause of Cognitive Support Technology for independence.

ATTRI overview video

AbleLink is the proud recipient of two concurrent project awards from the U.S. Department of Transportation's  ATTRI program.
The above video contains a summary of the program, which includes a focused area on cognitive accessibility. 

Updated versions of Visual Impact 3 and Endeavor 3 are now available through the App Store and Google Play.
With Endeavor 3, users now have the ability to edit existing reminders.  The new Visual Impact 3 connects to a public Learning Library, giving users access to tasks uploaded and shared by other customers.  Both apps  now scale properly for all iPad resolutions and virtually all Android tablet sizes.
The CQL POST App, available since 2015 on the iPad, can now be purchased for Android and Windows operating systems. All data, regardless of platform, feeds to a single Cloud-based data reports service. More information on the app, and its relationship to Personal Outcome Measures, is available on the CQL website.
Join us at the Coleman Institute Conference in Broomfield, CO, November 2. Our presentation this year will feature our newest Innovation Partner, Rocky Mountain Human Services.