Volume XI | February 2018
Smart Living News...
New Tutorials for Windows Software
AbleLink's all-new Smart Living Suite 3.0 includes five components that work together to provide a seamless Windows experience for individuals with cognitive barriers to computer use.

Get to know the software through our 4-Minute Tutorials or reply to this email to request a demo version of the Smart Living Suite.
iOS 11 updates now available
As you may have heard, iOS 11 brought a fair amount of chaos to the App Store. Our developers have been hard at work resolving compatibility issues with our legacy apps, and we are pleased to announce that both Living Safely and Everyday Skills are once again available. Be sure to download the latest updates soon!

Developing the Pediatric Evaluation of Disability...

AbleLink is partnering with Boston University on an important new project. We are collaborating on the PEDI-PRO assessment tool, which enables teens and young adults with developmental disabilities to self-report on their activities and progress.

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