AbleLink Smart Living Technologies Newsletter - Spring 2017
Smart Living...

Welcome to AbleLink Smart Living Technologies ! You may have noticed our new name popping up in various places. As of April 2017 we have officially added "Smart Living" to our name. For us, this is more than the addition of a couple of words. It marks a new era in our efforts to reach more people with simplified access to mainstream technology. At the same time, the new name reflects our goals of seamless delivery and effective ongoing use of technology to improve the daily lives of anyone looking for smart solutions to everyday problems.

One way to see this new emphasis at work is in the growing availability of our core software functionality on multiple hardware platforms. In addition to easy access to our apps in iTunes and Google Play, you can purchase hardware/software bundles directly from AbleLink. Whether you are an Apple or Android enthusiast, you can experience our evidence-based supports with the same interface on virtually any phone or tablet.

This new direction is designed to make it easier than ever for you to bring Smart Living Technologies into the lives of the people you serve. After all, we're in this together!

E-learning education or internet library. Conceptual image
Support professionals, caregivers, family members, and others can benefit from 24/7 access to basic support questions. In AbleLink's Learning Library you can access a wide range of instructional content, featuring several new tasks for our "3-series" apps - Endeavor 3, Visual Impact 3 and WayFinder 3.
Dozens of agencies are using the CQL POST App to measure outcomes for the people they serve.  As part of our continuing partnership with CQL, AbleLink is excited to announce an updated version of the iOS app and new releases for Android and Windows. Follow us on Twitter to get the latest info on specific release dates.
Coming Soon for Windows: The Smart Living Suite 3.0, featuring cognitively accessible desktop, email, web browsing, and more! To reserve a copy of the demo version of the new software, just reply to this email with your contact information.