Abortion Activists Attack Church Service in Columbus
Religious Liberty is Under Attack Here in Ohio As Attacks on Churches and Worship Services are on the Increase.

On Thursday, January 21 in Columbus, a downtown Columbus Catholic church that holds a memorial service for the unborn annually was the target of an attack by abortionist extremists who charged into the service with signs, bullhorns, shoutings, and profanities, and charged the altar where the priest was delivering the message. In the reports below from Columbus Right to Life, The Columbus Dispatch, and Life Site News, you will see and hear video of the disturbance at the Catholic church. This is a serious violation of First Amendment religious liberty rights in the State of Ohio. Federal laws were broken with this riotous attack on the Catholic church in Columbus. The Ohio Christian Alliance and other legal authorities are looking into the details of what happened on January 21st at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in downtown Columbus. Police interviewed the perpetrators, but no arrests were made that day, and no charges were filed. That is about to change. Legal authorities are looking into the matter and want to press charges against these violators of religious rights in Ohio. We will bring you updates as they become available. There are a number of things in motion. There is more to come on this one, Stay tuned...
Ohio Church Attacked by Abortion Activists - Here is the disturbing report. NEWS IN FOCUS RADIO PODCAST!

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