Volume IV, No. 1 | Abortion and the Demographic Winter | Supreme Court | January 4, 2021 (2 Shevat 5782)
The Cold Reality: Our Demographic Winter is Here.
Greetings and Shalom!

I hope everyone has had a Happy Holiday, and enjoyed the New Year and the new season.

Speaking of seasons, now that January is here it seems fitting to talk about the winter. But there is more to winter than bitter cold, snow and ice. There is a different kind of winter that is as bleak and desolate. It is called a Demographic Winter. It happens when there are not enough babies being born.

There is a demographic winter taking place in many countries, including Monaco, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Greece, Puerto Rico and Portugal. And now birth rates in the United States are falling to the lowest levels recorded since the 1930s.
There are terrible consequences to an economy and a culture when a population falls below replacement levels. One of the reasons for the lack of babies being born is obvious: Legal abortion. There are 63 million people that should be here but were killed in the womb. And all the generations after them are lost.

There are other reasons for the population decline. I discuss this issue at length in my article, "Legal Abortion, Population Control and Our Demographic Winter." Click the button below to read the details and what needs to change if we are to reverse this trend.

So while the left continues to talk about climate change, I will stick with our current winter season, and talk about the dangers our future generations will face if the population continues to decline.

It's a slippery slope, indeed.

For life,

Bonnie Chernin
President, Jewish Life League
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The FDA Issues A Death Script for Babies
It's now official: The Biden Administration and the FDA decided to make it legal to mail chemical abortion drugs – baby kill pills – to pregnant women and minors without a visit to the doctor. Read my latest article, "The FDA issues a death script for babies."
Notable Quotables from the Last Century
Exactly 51 years ago, on Saturday, January 9, 1971 the New York Dispatch (York, Pennsylvania) ran an article entitled, "Fetus Displays Unmistakeable Signs of Life in 26 Abortions."

Here are quotes directly from the article:

  • "The report reveals that since abortions were legalized last July 1, in 26 cases abortion procedure brought forth a fetus that displayed unmistakeable signs of life."
  • "One fetus survived the ordeal of birth-by-abortion, and now is a normally developing four-month-old girl."
  • "The other 25 lived for only a few minutes after a suction apparatus snatched them half-formed from their mother's womb. But all of them had the characteristics of live babies - heartbeat; gasping for breath, muscular movements."

Can anyone imagine a mainstream newspaper or media site referring to "birth-by-abortion" today? Or that there are babies that survive abortion and are gasping for breath? Science now proves what people knew back then. It's pretty sad that half a century has passed and the pro-abortion militants still deny what everyone knows in their heart is a biological fact: Unborn Babies are Human Beings and they deserve Full Protection Under the Law. We are praying the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade.
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Rabbis Speak Out For Life!
Essential Pro-Life Reading
The first article, "Do It...for the Children" was posted on June 10, 2015, long before there were COVID mandates for kids and chemical abortion drugs by mail. Parents are losing their rights to teach their values to their children. The administrative state is the new surrogate parent, along with Planned Parenthood.

It's scary.

The article "Hanukkah lights and abortion rights" is outrageous. The authors lie about Jewish law - which is 100% pro-life - to try to prove their flawed premise that our religion supports killing unborn babies for choice. The authors also try to draw a moral equivalency using the story of Hannah and Chanukah and linking the holiday to abortion "rights." The pro-abortion militant position in the piece is not a surprise. The co-author is Beth Gendler, Executive Director of the National Council of Jewish Women, Minnesota.

The article is atrocious. Yet, it is essential reading because we must remain aware of how far pro-abortion extremists will go to keep baby killing legal. The fight for life will continue, even if Roe is overturned.

Do It…..for the Children

Medical Journal: Allow Adolescents to Consent When Parents Decline to Get Them Vaccinated

ER doctors should falsify records to hide abortion complications in a post-Roe era, suggests media's favorite abortionist

Hanukkah lights and abortion rights

Prenatal Search-and-Destroy Genetic Tests Often Wrong

Fifth Circuit to hear oral arguments for Texas Heartbeat Act in January

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