April Updates
Abortion access in Tampa Bay has become more difficult due to the COVID-19 epidemic. We have seen some clinics temporarily close, others have reduced hours and most have reduced or eliminated surgical procedures.
In response, TBAF has expanded its partner clinics to include
Planned Parenthood - which is still offering full spectrum abortion services.
We have also extended our regional reach to include
Orlando, Gainesville and Jacksonville.
We have expanded our abortion care kits to include
emergency contraception, masks and other items.
Additionally, we have been delivering care kits to clinic staff of
pizza, chocolate, wine, masks and other treats to boost morale and
thank them for their amazing work.
How are we doing this?

It truly takes a village. The abortion community has united to assist funds and women wherever possible. We have received donations of emergency contraception, masks, ride service gift certificates and postage.
We have also applied for grants that will assist with our expanded services.
We also thank our local donors, many of whom have gifted us from
their stimulus checks, and others who have participated
in our 2020 Fund-a-Thon - where we have raised over $3,000
in donations with two weeks to go!

Other TBAF News
  • We have a new informational page, check it out HERE.
  • We have been gifted a no fee donation page from one of our corporate sponsors. Check it out HERE.
  • One of our volunteers was quoted in an NPR 1A piece on abortion in the time of COVID. Have a listen HERE (time stamp 13).
  • We are expanding our partnership with The Abortion Project and Sacred Transitions, a dynamic doula duo that creates our abortion care packages. As necessary, we call on them for emotional/ physical/ educational/ logistical and informational support for us and some of our clients.
  • We have joined the amazing group Floridians for Reproductive Freedom who unite numerous organizations fighting for equal and safe access to a full range of reproductive healthcare.
Abortion Education
Do you work with marginalized communities in Tampa Bay?
Please share information on both the Tampa Bay Abortion Fund
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TBAF Stats YTD 2020
Callers = 51
(from Alachua, Duval, Hernando, Hillsborough, Lake,
Orange, Orlando, Miami-Dade, Pasco, Pinellas, Seminole)
Thank you for helping us #BuildPower and #FundAbortion
in Tampa Bay and beyond,
Our Team
Bev, Melissa, Kelly, Denise, April, Michelle, Jackie, Lily, Lisa
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